Nicki Minaj already has ‘Pink Friday 2’ ready, the sequel to her debut album News

recording return of nicki minaj It already has a title and date for its premiere. And the rapper has surprised everyone by making a comeback into current music with a new studio album that will surprise many. Because the artist has decided to make a sequel to his first album in 2010.

pink friday 2 That will be the name of the artist’s new musical adventure which will be the sequel to the album with which he debuted 13 years ago. next 17 November will celebrate almost a decade and a half of music career with a return to those roots but with more experience.

And if we pay attention to what Nicki Minaj has published about the sound of this album, we are in for a great album. “Yesterday I worked on my current top 2 songs from Pink Friday 2. You’re all in for an earful. Ooohhh chiiiiiii hntayyy, don’t do that thing,” the artist tweeted, promising auditory orgasms.

We’ll have to wait to see if the rapper’s new album project will be released on the scheduled date as last June he confirmed that the album (that’s what he titled it then) would be released on October 20. If we take into account that he hasn’t published a single unreleased song in 5 years, another month of waiting is nothing.

Thus, Nicki Minaj will complete half a decade without an album on the market since the release of Queen in 2018. During all this time, the artist has not been stopped and we have been able to enjoy countless creations, both his own (Super Freaky Girl) and in collaborations (for example Tukoh Taka with Maluma for the Qatar 2022 World Cup). . But above all she is focused on enjoying her role as a mother and her newly-inaugurated family.

Now artists Nicki, Phenomenal Nicki and 2010’s Nicki return in this sequel to Pink Friday, for which we currently do not have the names of song titles, producers or possible collaborators.

Nicki Minaj – Super Freaky Girl (Official Lyric Video)

“I’m making music just like I did when I started rapping on my mixtapes,” Nicki explained during an interview on The Dana Cortex Show on Power 98.3. “It means having a great experience, enjoying it, living in the present, seeing the present in that moment and seeing what happens.”

But not all the songs presented will go into his new project. We already told you that We Go Up will not be a part of the next album as it was just a surprise for their fans. On the Apple Music 1 program, New Music Daily, he talked about how he has prepared many surprises for his fans ahead of the premiere of his new musical adventure. One of them is Do We Have a Problem? There was about a 10-minute video for the song, which will be on the LP. A powerful song that has become one of the best rap songs so far this year.

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