Nicki Minaj is furious at YouTube’s age restriction on her new music video

Nicki Minaj rants against YouTube. Indeed, the streaming giant has decided to impose an age restriction on the clip of Likkle Miss Remix. On the day of its release, the video was inaccessible to people under 18, accounts under parental control and people who were not logged in.

“Imagine that. They restricted my fucking (clip) when they have a million fucking much worse things on their fucking lame platform, “exasperated the rapper in an Instagram post since deleted but relayed by variety. “This is what they do to keep you from making (money) while they advertise other people and post fucking fake stats. Because the same people who run YouTube are in business with a certain label and a certain management company. »

For the artist, it’s very simple, this restriction was a set-up to harm his income, and has nothing to do with the more than explicit lyrics of his song and the images that go with it.

A low blow

“It was done to prevent us from having a lot of views during the first 24 hours”, then claimed Nicki Minaj.

However, YouTube having finally lifted the restriction, the rapper agreed to delete these furious posts. But it was not lightheartedly as evidenced by a tweet published shortly after. “Fuck those guys. They can’t give us back the first 24 hours, can they? ! ? !!! So it’s mission accomplished (for them) “, she finally launched.

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