Nicki Minaj is preparing for her ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour in 2024

Acclaimed rapper Nicki Minaj, known for her famous song ‘Chun-Li’, is all set to embark on her much-awaited ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour in 2024, her first tour since 2016. This exciting announcement has created a wave of anticipation among the people. Their fans, especially in Texas, as the tour will stop in three vibrant cities: Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Although specific locations and dates for the Texas leg of the tour have not yet been revealed, fans can now secure a chance to see Nicki Minaj perform live by signing up for the tour pre-sale on her official website. Just ‘Don’t see your city?’ By clicking the button, fans living outside major urban centers can express their interest, paving the way for additional dates in their favorite venues.

Nicki Minaj, who is always dedicated to her fan base, took to Twitter to encourage her followers to register for the pre-sale and drive demand for her music in their cities. In a tweet, he mentioned: “We will add more cities if there is demand and when the dates and official route are announced, your city could have been added!”

Adding to the excitement of the tour, Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated album, “Pink Friday 2” is scheduled to be released on December 8. Fans can expect a heady mix of her iconic hits and new songs, showcasing her growth as an artist since her last tour.

As the tour dates approach, Texas fans are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to experience Nicki Minaj’s captivating stage presence and unique energy. Be sure to secure your tickets and stay tuned for updates on venues and dates, as ‘Pink Friday 2’ promises to be an unforgettable musical experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which are the cities where Nicki Minaj will perform on her ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour?
– Cities confirmed so far are Dallas, Austin and Houston in Texas. However, the city will have more announcements in the future.

2. How do I reserve my tour tickets?
– Fans can register for the pre-sale on Nicki Minaj’s official website. Additionally, it is advised to stay tuned for updates on dates and locations to ensure a shopping opportunity.

3. Will more tour dates be added to other cities?
According to Nicki Minaj, if there is enough demand in other cities then adding more dates to the tour will be considered. Fans ‘Don’t watch your city?’ You can express your interest through the button. On the official website.

4. When will the album “Pink Friday 2” be released?
– This album is going to be released on 8th December. Fans can expect an exciting mix of old hits and new songs on the tour.

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