Nicki Minaj lights up Kanye West on stage!

In full concert, Nicki drew.

Nicki Minaj is no longer the queen of rap, as she was 10 years ago. Within the southern stable of Cash Moneythe young woman made an impression by her way of rapping (at that time, she rapped better than 95% of the label, check it out) but also by her generous curves and her “Bad Bitch” attitude, which has since influenced many female artists. But now, the peak of her career seems behind her. EBut that doesn’t prevent him from turning on big rappers in the middle of a concert, on stage.

It was Kanye West who took his stray bullet this time, during the Essence Fest, July 1st. Nicki Minaj was on stage performing all her best bangers in front of a conquered crowd. But after “Beez in the trap”the DJ started sending “Monsters”the featuring between Nicki and Kanye. At this time, the rapper asks her DJ to stop the show. She then speaks directly to the crowd, who believed that Kanye West was also going to arrive on stage: “A monster, all the same! But I don’t hang out with clowns!”.

Immediately after this announcement, it’s Birdman, the boss of Cash Money Records, who entered the scene to rap his hits with Queen Nicki. So we don’t know if the rapper’s attack was really targeted or if it’s just entertainment to introduce her boss to the evening. But we remember that this week, Cardi B, Nicki’s great rival, has just unveiled a single featuring… Kanye West ! The theory of the missile sent to Kanye is therefore probable.

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