Nico Williams and Lamin Jamal start playing this after beating Georgia and everyone goes crazy

Spain won Georgiain the quarter-finals of the European Cup and will compete with Germany V quarter finals of the competition. Management RodrI helped Spain overcome the first moment of uncertainty, Fabian’s class scores and provides an assist, Manifestation of the personality of Lamin Yamait’s a hit Nico Williams They came out strong to overcome combative Georgia in the round of 16 and meet hosts Germany in a showdown of greatness in the quarter-finals of the European Cup, securing a license to dream.

“I am very happy to reach the quarter-finals. Very happy, step by step, we must continue to show that we are a great team. If we continue at this level, we can do great things,” he said in his statements. Nico Williams on Spanish television after the game.

Team forward Athletic Club He was again the protagonist of Spain’s great victory, even though they were starting to lose. “It was a mistake, an unintentional own goal, but Le Normand He recovered well. Everything went the way we wanted, we need to continue working in this direction in the next one,” he said.

“It will be very difficult. It is a tough nut to crack, but we have a great team, well structured, and if we play at this level, we can beat Germany,” he continued.

He and Yamal are the two sensations of the tournament, two children who, after the game is over, start playing “rock, paper, scissors” to choose who will drink the water first.

Both teenagers rule sensational Spain. Since June 23, 2012, when doubling Xabi Alonso gave Spain victory over France in Donetsk in the quarterfinals of the European Cup, which took place in Poland and Ukraine, The Spanish team could not win a knockout match in a major tournament without extra time or penalties until beat Georgia 4-1 in Germany’s 202 round of 164.

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