Nico Williams dances with Lamin Jamal and they play rock, paper, scissors

Spain have already qualified for the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 after beating Georgia 4-1 in the last 16 and will face hosts Germany in the quarter-finals next Friday. A triumph that is back on track Nico Williams, who managed to beat Georgiy Mamardashvili with a magnificent goal, which he celebrated with Lamin Yamalwith whom he forms a pair that creates a sensation at the European Cup.

Once again, the greatest danger for Spain came from the flank with two daggers that had already broken through the defenses of Croatia, Italy and Georgia, giving Albania the opportunity to replace both. The Athletic Bilbao player had already forced Calafiori’s own goal against the Azzurra and his first goal in the final stages. arrived in Cologne this Sunday.

After several chances in the first half, Nico Williams scored to make it 3–1 in the second. The winger easily left Gvesiani broke his waist and got it a punch from the sleeve, against which Mamardashvili could do nothingestablished himself as a great goalkeeper in the European Cup.

Nico Williams against Georgia (Photo: Cordon Press)

If Niko and Lamin Yamal have already danced with the ball on the Cologne grass, then they did it in celebration of the Spanish national team’s victory with a score of 3:1. The two young footballers delighted the Spanish fans standing at the goal with a dance that confirmed the joy that both footballers bring.

After meeting, Both footballers left a curious joke using rock, paper, scissors to find out which of the two footballers drank water first. The winner was Nico Williams, despite the anger of the Barça player who continued to demand the bottle, demonstrating the good spirit being maintained by two young men destined to shape the future of Spain.

Nico Le Normand’s Defense

After the match, Nico Williams made excellent work of Robin Le Normand’s defense after an own goal from his Basque derby rival in recent seasons: “Very happy to reach the quarter-finals. I am glad. Step by step. We showed that we are a great team. If we continue at this level, we can achieve great success. It was a mistake, an own goal, but Robin recovered very well. and everything turned out the way we wanted.”

The youngest Williams brother now has his eye on hosts Germany, who will face Spain in a thrilling last-16 encounter. The Spaniard, however, was undeterred and defended his side’s La 1 options.It’s very difficult, it’s a tough nut to crack.but we have a great and well-structured team, and if we play at this level, we can win,” Niko said about the match with the Germans.

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