Nicolas Cage, from Erika Koibe to Riko Shibata: new wedding for the actor


Nicolas Cage marries 26-year-old Riko Shibata in mid-February. The American actor turns the page after his lightning wedding with Erika Koibe.

nicolas cage marriage divorce
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Nicolas Cage is getting married, again. Known his character as a conqueror, the American interpreter has broken through the heart of Riko Shibata. 26 year old Japanese. The two got married in Las Vegas, the happy event was announced in early March: the actor chose February 16 as the date of marriage to pay homage to his deceased father. Their strong passion, cemented by the pandemic.

In fact, they have been apart for 6 months due to the pandemic: distance that has strengthened a feeling full of emotion and suggestion. It is not the first time that Cage finds himself saying the fateful yes, who knows if the relationship will last.

Nicolas Cage, new love: marries Riko Shibata

Nicolas Cage is getting married
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The actor has always had a busy life and routine: details that led him to have fleeting relationships. Before this, the love affair with Erika Koibe. Union lasted only 4 days. Short but intense. Nicolas believes in eternal love, except that the practice is a little more difficult than the theory. “I’m very happy – he has declared – i can look forward with a woman who loves me. We want to enjoy every moment together “.


Words that have already been said, but the current political-social context makes everything more intense. In a time of worry, Nicolas Cage restarts from certainties: one is, in fact, Riko Shibata.

A yes that is worth the restart: love and work hand in hand

The other is to be able to go back to doing one’s job continuously: the pandemic crisis has also hit the Seventh Art and, if for him there are no major problems with earnings – given the comfortable condition in which he lives – he must still face the losses. .

Loss of revenue means missed films and, even for a famous and renowned actor like him, it is a hard blow to swallow. When love meshes, everything else meshes too. Nicolas hopes so. This time he could really put his head right.


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