Nicolas Cage was supposed to voice a character from the series


Nicolas Cage was supposed to voice one of the Simpsons’ darkest and most controversial characters: Frank Grimes

The stories behind the animated show of Matt Groening there are so many, The Simpsons they turned off thirty-two candles this year, since 1989 that of the family of Springfield is the most famous animated series in the world.

We have already spoken many times about Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Marge and how some characters have mysteriously disappeared from the small screen, the story that inspired by Jebediah Springfield and the tragic story behind it the character of Troy McLure.


Such a long series has numerous stories behind every single episode and some of them have been revealed during these thirty-two years.

The writer of the series Josh Weinstein declared that one of the most famous actors of our century, Nicolas Cage, has almost become the voice actor of one of the darkest and most controversial characters on the show: Frank Grimes.


Weinstein writes:

“Little-known curiosity about the Simpsons:

Nicolas Cage is one of the few other actors we considered to ask him to play Frank Grimes, before realizing that Hank Azaria would be the ultimate “Grimmione”. And Hank’s performance was one of the best in the show’s history. “

Frank Grimes first appeared in the series in the episode “Homer’s Enemy” in 1997. Grimes is a frustrated man, after graduating in nuclear physics through a thousand ups and downs, he finds work at the nuclear power plant in Springfield thanks to a service of Kent Brockman.

Frank he works hard but gets nothing, leads a life of failure and when he arrives at the plant he is forced to put up with even his lazy colleague Homer Simpson who nevertheless manages to have a nice home, a substantial salary and a life full of successes. Homer try to be his friend but Grimes he rejects him, cannot tolerate so much stupidity in one person and tries to ridicule him in front of his colleagues even if in the end Homer always comes out victorious.

Frank Grimes dies touching the high voltage wires at the nuclear power plant, thanks to a nervous breakdown caused by the numerous nonsense of Homer Simpson.

The character of Grimes he is only mentioned two more times on the Simpsons show, disregarding the sporadic times he comes framed his grave at Springfield Cemetery: once in the sixth episode of the fourteenth season “The great lousy detective”, in which Frank Grimes Jr. illegitimate son of the late Frank, he tries to kill Homer to avenge his soul and finally in a Halloween episode of the twenty-eighth season, his ghost appears next to Telespalla Bob and the alien Kang in the intro of the six hundredth episode.


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