Nicolás Larcamón only plans to take Puebla to Liguilla

Day 7 of the Clausura 2022 in the MX League will have an unmissable dish next Saturday, when the Puebla leader visits Chivas at Akron Stadium, a duel that has flavorafter the meeting in the last Repechagein which the Strip eliminated Marcelo Michel Leaño’s team on penalties.

Nicholas Larcamoncoach of Puebla, anticipates a complicated duel at the Flock’s houseto whom praise their individualities, specifically Alexis Vega.

“They show very intense functioning, they have good personalities. They have one of the best players in the tournament, Alexis Vegais decisive and is a player who can gravitate at any time. We must have a good management of its hierarchy to neutralize it“said the Argentine at a press conference.

The name of Nicolás Larcamón has sounded a lot lately to reach teams with great hierarchy in Mexican soccer, specific case of the Eagles of Americawho could get rid of the services of Santiago Solari, after the bad start they have had.

Nicolás does not pay attention to other teams and assured that of the future he only thinks about taking Puebla to the Liguilla.

He enjoyed the moment with this group of players. I am very connected with the present, with the team. All that is presented for the future (interest of other teams), I’m oblivious, are things that are not concrete; Today I do not attend to that at all. What worries us for the future is that we return to dispute defining instancesthat we play Liguillas, with the illusion of continuing to give great nights to this city”

When questioned about his rival in turn, Larcamón described Chivas as one of the teams with the greatest tradition in Liga MXbut he is coach of Puebla.

Chivas It is one of the teams with the longest tradition in the league. It is a team with enormous popularity, not only in Mexico; but I am the coach of Puebla. About Marcelo (firewood) I think that he is very clear about his idea, he has not scored what the functioning of the team has deserved“, he finished.

Diego de Buen is going through the best moment of his career.

The midfielder and ultimately defender, Diego de Buenspoke of the good times that the Strip is experiencing and He did not deny that he is excited to be called up to the Mexican National Team.

Going to a Mexican National Team is always an illusionAs a player, at least I will always have the illusion, I will try to get called up,” he said.

Although Puebla is a super leader, Chivas starts slightly as a betting favorite. de Buen attributes this to what Chivas generates, but not because of the moment they live.

I see it more for what Chivas generatesbecause of the high attendance it has, perhaps because of a marketing issue”.

Finally, the Mexican footballer I do not hesitate to ensure that you live the best moment of your career and he attributed this, in part, to Puebla.

“I feel in the best moment of my career. The team has made me feel and has helped me improve my performance“, he finished

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