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This Monday, June 20, the acclaimed Hollywood actress, Nicole Kidmanturns 55 years old, which brought back among his fans a series of memories of both his professional and personal life.

In the tenor of the latter, users have spoken of his marriage with Tom Cruisewhich although it has already been finished for more than 20 years, served as one of the favorites in the middle.

Then we leave you 5 facts about the relationship between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise that you probably did not know, or, that you no longer had present. Check them out!

1) They met in the being of ‘Days of Thunder’: The film, which hit the big screen in 1990, was directed by Tony Scott and starred both actors. The relationship between Kidman and Cruise occurred shortly after.

2) They got married on Christmas Eve: That’s right, on December 24 of the same year that the movie where love was born came out, the actors said ‘yes’ in a chapel inside a cabin they had in Colorado. One of the witnesses, by the way, was Dustin Hoffman.

3) Their relationship lasted 11 years: From that moment and for all these years, the couple let the world fall in love with what seemed to be the perfect couple. On catwalks, social events, premieres, they went everywhere together!

4) The reason for their separation remains uncertain: The couple never gave a compelling reason to justify their divorce, so rumors did not wait and ranged from each other’s busy professional schedules to Cruise’s possible homosexuality.

5) While they were married they adopted two children: Kidman recently revealed that she had a miscarriage shortly after the wedding, which is why the couple adopted a girl, Isabella, and a boy, Connor, shortly after.

Although Nicole is currently happily married to singer Keith Urban, with whom she even grew the family, bringing two beautiful girls into the world, the relationship of these two Hollywood icons will never be forgotten.

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