Nicole Kidman eats up photos in “Roar”

australian actress Nicole Kidman She gave everything in her new role as Robin, a woman who ingests them to preserve her memories.

The character is part of the new series “Roar”, created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, in which the cast and production team is made up of women and tells the story of several of them, in difficulties of daily life but placed in extraordinary situations.

“Eating pictures is the weirdest feeling, the first time I did it I was like, ‘This is like a box of chocolates!'” Nicole Kidman laughs, according to Apple TV+ production notes.

“I ate those pictures and I got a rash around my face, there were two kinds and one was rice paper, it really tasted like paper but it was actually the most delicious and I ate so many that I thought maybe it was too much away and I had this big rash all over my face,” he remembers.

The 54-year-old actress participates in one of the eight episodes of the series recently released by Apple TV + and her story is that of a woman who has a son in college and believes that her stage as a mother is in decline, when suddenly she They announce that he suffers from dementia, that is to say that he will lose his memory little by little, this triggers the rare disorder.

In addition to this story, there is the story of a single woman who enters into a relationship with a duck and another who is literally put on a trophy shelf by her husband.

The idea, according to the creator, is to talk about the different situations that are experienced in reality brought to a kind of magical realism.

For Kidman, sharing a message of feminism was her motivation, in addition to the fact that she feels attached to the character because she loves photography and because it is set in her native Australia.

“I really wanted to put my support, there is a point in your career where you can say: ‘I have the opportunity to do things, I don’t have to be the star, but I can be a support person so that other people can shine and that It was the basis of my decision.”

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