Nicole Kidman, from XL hair to the most flattering haircut of the season

Originally, Nicole Kidman’s hair is curly and red. But the demands of the script hardly leave us room to see it in all its splendor. In her last public appearances, she delighted us with an XL strawberry blonde hair with which she taught elegant hairstyles at all the events she attended. In her social networks, in addition, she showed the most casual side of her long hair with large undone waves. Until a few days ago.

At first, the image with Lulu Wang, the director of Expats (Amazon Prime’s next drama series that the Australian is going to star in), gives the feeling that Nicole Kidman is wearing her hair up. But advancing in the carousel of photos we make sure that she has changed her look to accommodate a very flattering midi haircut that she is among the most demanded it’s from the season.

This is a straight style shoulder length bob. It is still one of the most demanded haircuts of the season because it is very flattering for all types of faces and ages. It will only be necessary to adapt the length of the cut to round off the finish according to the factions so that the roundest faces benefit from this type of cut when the length exceeds the jaw, while the oval, triangular and elongated can shorten the length at the same time. taste.

This haircut also has a feature that makes it even more attractive: the styling versatility. Many prefer to wear it extra smooth with the ends slightly tucked in. Others, on the other hand, opt for soft waves to give movement to the hair, like Nicole Kidman. The wavy bob is ideal for adding volume to the hair and thickening its appearance in the case of fine hair. If what you are looking for is a more casual finish, you can copy the style of the actress who, with the parting next to her and gathering part of the hair behind the ear, achieves a very natural relaxed effect. Is it that Margaret (her role in the series) is a calm and collected woman? We will have to wait to see it.

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