Nicole Kidman has a secret to look younger that you can use

With the arrival of good weather, the least cause is having long, voluminous and thick hair that can cause a slight “heat stroke” and excessive sweating on the nape, neck and shoulders. Although pigtails, braids and high buns are the best allies for summer, the truth is that we don’t always want to wear our hair up, so an original and trendy cut will always be an excellent choice.

Although there are many cuts in trend right now, one of the most flattering, fresh and easy to maintain is the one chosen by actress Nicole Kidman, who has said goodbye to his classic long coppery hair (and a few years too) by opting for a bob cut, flapper style of the 20s, to wear during this summer season.

Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise’s ex was inspired by the famous novelist Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of the famous writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, for the choice of her new haircut, this being one of the most radical and short since the beginning of her artistic career to mid 80’s. After several decades, the actress surprised all her fans by publishing a series of photos from the filming set of the series “Expats”, her new production for Amazon Prime Video. In the photos, the actress can be seen posing alongside filmmaker Lulu Wang as she smiles at the camera showing off her new short hair with retro waves and a “chin bob” style as the styling experts have named it. Defying all the rules of hairdressing, the actress managed to reduce the exaggerated volume of her hair without the need to keep her hair long, since with this cut she was able to achieve a youthful, fresh and trendy image without having to suffer from frizz and the exaggerated volume that can be unattractive.

It was more than 30 years of straightening and invasive treatments, which is why the actress of “Being The Ricardos” decided to join the trend of hair with natural and organic finishes.. This new haircut by Nicole Kidman managed to rejuvenate her appearance, while she brings movement and softness to her mane. Plus, it’s super easy to maintain, all you need to do is smooth down a bit at the roots and leave the rest of your hair air-dried with a little mousse for texture and shine. Also, the actress decided that her change of look would not be complete if she did not dye her hair, so she decided to change her iconic copper hair for an ash blonde with some highlights in vanilla, a shade that is very flattering for those with gray hair or with a slightly dull complexion, since it brings luminosity and shine to the skin. The actress has not revealed if this change was part of a demand of her person or if it was a personal decision of hers, but the truth is that she looks as if she had rejuvenated more than ten years… A real blast!

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