Nicole Kidman proclaims her deep Catholic faith in the middle of Hollywood

Raised in a family of irish descentSince she was little, she was educated in the Catholic faith. According to the actress herself, her grandmother played an important role in her faith: «she was very Catholic and I grew up praying with her. He had a great influence on my life».

Today it is she who transmits the faith to her children and maintains a life of faith participating in the sacraments with his family «Catholicism guides me, I have a firm faith and I try to go to church and confess frequently». In addition, the actress told how she educates her children, among other things, the limits that she places on how to live apart from mobile phones and social networks.

For me it is very important not to judge. My father used to say that tolerance is the most important thingNicole Kidman

The actress also admitted that she came to consider the vocation to consecrated life: «I loved the idea of ​​being a nun. I didn’t choose that path, but I was very attracted to it.”

Despite her faith, the actress has participated in films that questioned or denied salvation or that were clear anti-catholic tintsWhat The Golden Compass either The others. On the other hand, the actress has married twicefirst with Tom Cruise, with whom she had two children and who is a well-known follower of the Scientology sect, and with her current husband Keith Urban, with whom she has had two others, who like her, professes the Catholic faith.

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