Nicole Kidman reveals which movie is her worst performance

After collaborating with filmmaker baz luhrmann In moulin Rouge!, Nicole Kidman and the director returned to work together Australiaa film in which the actress starred Hugh jackman, Set in northern Australia between 1939 and 1942, the feature film cost A$130 million, but managed to recover the investment and turn a profit of over A$211 million.

Despite a good reception from the public, the film did not receive the approval of experts and received some harsh criticism, particularly of Kidman’s performance. As Far Out Magazine recalled, Kidman was so convinced of the project that she accepted the offer before even reading the script, an attitude that later resulted in her attending the Sydney premiere, despite the fact that She usually does not watch her feature films on the big screen.

Australia (2008).

a bitter surprise

Just because Kidman attended the above event doesn’t mean she was excited to see the movie. In fact, he remarked, “It’s a celebration for me and hopefully for this country. It means something like ‘let’s enjoy and enjoy it’.” Later, Kidman was shocked by what she saw, but not for good reason, as she claimed her performance was terrible.,

,I sat there and looked at Keith (Urban, her husband) and said, ‘Am I good in this tape?’”, he later recalled. ,But I thought Brandon Walters and Hugh Jackman were amazing. It is impossible for me to connect emotionally with the film.”, he concluded.

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