Nicole Kidman would have confessed her bisexuality and an old affair with Naomi Watts

ORn new scandal has come to light involving two stars from Hollywoodwith a rumor that one of its protagonists has started through an unexpected confession.

The famous Australian actress, Nicole Kidmanassured that he is bisexual and that he had something more than a friendship with also the actress naomi watts.

How did Kidman talk about his affair with Watts?

All this controversy started after Kidman apparently said in a podcast that he is bisexual and that he had more than just a friendship with Wattsboth Australian actresses.

According to information circulating on social networks, an article in a magazine talks about Kidman54, who during his appearance in a podcast revealed that she has not only been friends with Wattsbut they had a romantic relationship years ago.

“We had Nicole Kidman in the podcast recently and she revealed some pretty amazing information. The actress had a romantic relationship with fellow actress naomi watts. They weren’t together for long, but Nicole admitted that she is a proud bisexual womansays the so-called article.

Kidman and Watts have been close friends for several years, and have worked together in movies like Flirt (1991)but this information that came out in the last few hours has caused euphoria in Twitterespecially among the community LGBT.

The love stories of Kidman and Watts

Kidman She is currently married to the singer Keith Urbanwith whom he has been married since 2005. A few years earlier, in 2001, he divorced Tom Cruise after 11 years of marriage.

with Cruise, Kidman adopted two children.Isabella Jane, 29, and Connor, 27, while with Urban He has two other children, Sunday, 13, and Faith, 11.

While Watts kept a relationship with late actor Heath Ledger between 2002 and 2004, and in 2005 he began dating Lev Schreiber, with whom he had two children, but the couple separated 11 years later. Since 2017 she maintains a relationship with the actor billy crudup.

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