Nicole Kidman’s Anti-Stress (Cannabis) Routine


Never been away from the sets for too long, in the last year Nicole Kidman, 53, has elevated her beauty routine to a professional level by becoming a business partner and ambassador of the beauty and wellness brand SeraLabs, in particular of their Seratopical line, which includes face and body products at Cbd (cannabidiol), metabolite of Cannabis sativa, a non-psychoactive active ingredient, with relaxing and soothing powers. On the occasion of her new role, the actress of The Undoing he told InStyle about his anti-stress beauty routine, from skincare to family foot baths.

“Mine is a 5 minute routine because I have to put my kids (Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 10) to bed and spend time with my husband (Keith Urban). I have dry, flaky skin and to hydrate it the only product I rely on is Seratopical Radiant Glow Facial Oil. I also apply Cancer Council sunscreen all over my face and hands. ”

“Every now and then I like to pamper my whole family with a home spa day: I massage their feet with Seratopical Heel Soufflé and give them a pedicure. I also use the cream on myself in the evening before going to sleep: it is very soft After massaging it, I put on my night socks and wake up with softer feet in the morning, “he said.

The actress told American Vogue about taking lessons in The Limit, a perseverance-based personalized training method founded by personal trainer Beth Nicely. “I first met Beth on the set of The Prom. He was the angel who helped me learn and perfect all the dances. I enjoyed being able to continue our relationship virtually thousands of miles away. ”

Matcha, hot baths and acupuncture: Nicole Kidman’s beauty secrets

by Martina Manfredi


“Tea has become a fundamental part of my daily rituals, especially in the morning: I love to start the day with a great cup of matcha,” she told Vogue. In the evening, however, to sleep, the actress helps relaxation with Swisse Beauty’s Collagen Sleep Powder supplement: “With such hectic days between children and irregular working hours, this powder has saved me many nights since I’ve been in Sydney” .

“Well, I’ll never forget Satine (of Moulin Rouge!) “, the actress confessed to InStyle.” I mean, sitting on a trapeze with 100 top hat men under you is unbeatable! I have a photo of me in the trailer with my kids, who were small at the time, wearing a top hat, sequined corset, fishnet stockings and stilettos as I make them dinner. I wouldn’t mind being remembered this way! “.


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