Nicols Maduro also denounces the “theft” of the Miss Universe crown by the US


The beauty pageant, which a Latina candidate always wins, this year moves away from the prototype of “doll queen” and has proclaimed an American the winner. Her rivals, from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, denounce tongo with part of the jury.

From left to right, Miss Venezuela, Miss USA and Miss Rep
From left to right, Miss Venezuela, Miss USA and Miss Dominican Republic.AFP
  • Characters The controversial resignation of Osmel Sousa

In the land of passions, the Miss Universe is massively followed. When you win, it’s a party. When you lose controversially, a kind of nationalistic sting breaks out, as happened with the last contest held in New Orleans last weekend.

A clamor swept through Latin America from the Caribbean to the southern lands when neither the representative of Venezuela nor the Dominican Republic could defeat, against all odds, the American R’Bonney Gabriel. For almost the entire region the throne should be Latin. Therefore, one more injustice coming from the powerful neighbor to the North.

The Texan, a 28-year-old sustainable fashion designer, ended up with the universal crown on her head despite the fact that, according to the unanimous opinion, she was not as pretty as the two Latinas. Both in Venezuela and in the Dominican Republic, messages crying out for the alleged injustice against her compatriots multiplied immediately, Armanda Dudamel and Andrena Martinez.


The first, model, fashion designer and social activist, is the daughter of the former Venezuelan coach, Rafael Dudamel, a myth in Creole football. And the second, a dual Dominican-American national, is a psychologist at the Center for Women’s Equality after having been a fellow at the Washington Capitol.

Very similar thought the two defeated beauties. “The real queens”, The Dominican published on her networks, a legend accompanied by a photograph of both. “From the beginning we knew that Latino power was going very strong,” Amanda backed her this week during an interview in the US.

The indignation came and went through the social networks of the continent. “In shock”, I react Osmel Sousa, the controversial beauty czar in Venezuela and president of Miss Venezuela for 37 years, who knows something about the matter: with him, the country won seven Miss Universe, six Miss World and eight Miss International.

“There was a failure with that crown, I’m upset. I’m going to bed,” replied the American actress and rapper of Dominican origin. cardi b.

The wave of indignation even reached the Miraflores presidential palace. “Amanda Dudamel is Miss Universe, because Miss Universe was stolen from us. Amanda Dudamel won on the street. It can’t be a robbery like that, but she is from Petare, she does community work there in Petare,” claimed Nicols Maduro

For his part, Dominican President Luis Abinader He was more cautious with his words: “Many congratulations to our Andrena for her excellent performance. For the Dominican Republic you are the queen of the world for being a genuine representation of women and a voice for their rights.” Abinader and his wife received the miss at the presidential house this Thursday.

So much passion usually leads to controversy and it is not the first time. Other presidents of the region, such as the Colombian Juan Manuel Santos on his day, also sang the “theft” of the crown that has so much weight in Colombia. Years before, the Argentine president Carlos Menem he fell seduced by the beauty of the Chilean Claudia Bolocco, Miss Universe in 1987 and with whom he married and also separated.

“Each edition of a beauty pageant, especially if it is one like Miss Universe, generates controversy due to the final results. The representatives of Venezuela and the Dominican Republic had all the required attributes, but just like the two Latinas, they also the winner deserves it”, reflected for LOC Nstor Llabanero, documentarian, investigator of the world of entertainment and a good connoisseur of the entrails of the most famous beauty pageants in Latin America.

“I am an honest person,” the new Miss Universe defended herself as best she could, who did not hesitate to show off without makeup in their networks, knowing that she is not a classic beauty.

“This miss was slightly different from the prototype that is expected from the queen grimace. What many people forget is that organizations like Miss Universe are corporations or companies that need an employee who meets their expectations. The power of R’Bonney Gabriel is more attributable to the discourse of empowerment than to her physical virtues, “sentenced the Venezuelan expert.

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