Nine Perfect Strangers, Everything you need to know


Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon and Luke Evans join the prestigious cast of the miniseries from August 20 on Amazon Prime Video

Nine Perfect Strangers, the miniseries with Nicole Kidman inspired by the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, it will be on Amazon Prime Video from August 20. Set in a luxurious resort run by the charismatic Masha, it brings together a handful of stressed-out individuals in search of renewed inner peace. Nine Perfect Strangers presents itself with winning cards, starting from the renewal of the collaboration of the same team that created the award-winning Big Little Lies And The Undoing, from a prestigious cast and spectacular panoramas of Australia. The drama series, shot between August and December of last year, consists of eight episodes: three available on the platform at the debut, the others dispensed on a weekly basis until the final episode scheduled for 22 September. To follow, all the other information necessary to get closer to this show that is announced mesmerizing like its protagonist.

1. What it’s about: alternative cures for the soul

A ten-day retreat called “Mind and Body Total Transformation Retreat “ that promises to heal the wounds of the soul of nine individuals who are about to undertake the path is at the center of Nine Perfect Strangers. The exclusive resort intended to host these stressed men and women, the Tranquillum House, is headed by Masha, statuesque and ethereal figure with a long surgical scar that crosses her chest and a hypnotic persuasion power with which ensnare the latest arrivals. Among these, there are those who fear that their professional career is at the end, those suffering from addictions, those who have just divorced, a couple in crisis and a bereaved family. Everyone wants refresh mind and spirit, no one has really understood what kind of experience awaits them, everyone undergoes an illusion of rebirth that passes through extreme experiences and a potentially sinister outcome.

2. The cast: many Hollywood stars

Next to Nicole Kidman in the role of Masha Dmitrichenko, a Hollywood cast full of famous faces: from Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls to the Bobby Cannavale from Vinyl, from Michael Shannon from Dinner with crime at Regina Hall of Scary Movie passing through Luke Evans, seen in the fantasy saga of The Hobbit. Carthy plays Frances Welty, a writer of romance novels with a broken career and personal life, forced to realize that her existence is no longer that of a winner.

Hall went to the role of Carmel Schneider, abandoned by her husband to date a younger woman, as well as a fervent supporter of alternative treatments. Evans, as Lars Lee – in the novel divorce lawyer and “spa-dependent”- is the skeptic of the group, the one convinced to be part of a perverse experiment planned by Masha that hides disturbing ulterior motives. Cannavale is former football champion Tony Hogburn who likes to confide in Frances. Samara Weaving is an influencer in detox from technology, while Michael Shannon is the patriarch of the Marconi, a family afflicted by a serious mourning.

3. Production: the team returns Big Little Lies


David E. Kelley, King Midas of the small screen who signed Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope, Boston Legal and many other productions, he brought together the team with which he led to success in a new production effort Big Little Lies, multi-Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning family drama and thriller, e The Undoing – The Untold Truths, both productions available in Italy on the Sky bookstore. Kidman collaborates again with her production company Blossom Films and Liane Moriarty, author of the novel Little big lies. Alongside Kelley, he produces and directs Jonathan Levine’s The Night Before.

4. The locations: in the heart of Australia

A place protected by the luxuriant Australian nature securely hosted the recovery threatened by pandemics. Originally, these were planned in California, but the escalation of the spread of Covid-19 has prompted the production to hijack everything in the beautiful Byron Bay, at the Soma resort, selected thanks to numerous videos recorded remotely with a drone.

The choice helped the production a lot. Part of the cast is linked to Australia: Kidman is originally from there as well as Cannavale’s partner Rose Byrne, there lives the family of Samara Weaving and Melissa McCarthy, after six months of isolation, couldn’t wait to change the air. “I accepted the part also to be able to visit Australia “ McCarthy confessed.

5. Anecdotes: Cannavale and McCarthy, together again

Bobby Cannavale and Melissa McCarthy are back to work together for the fourth time, after sharing the film sets of Spy, from Thunder Force and of Superintelligence. It was the comedian who contacted him to ask him to join the cast. Instead, it was Kidman who asked Melissa to play, like her, the dual role of interpreter and executive producer. Samara Weaving instead revealed that, unlike the other cast members, he had to undergo long make-up sessions to fit the look of plastic surgery-obsessed social media influencer Jessica. “Fake nails, fake teeth, fake breasts, fake butt – it was exhausting!”, He confessed.


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