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On Thursday 23 September the last episode (Italian title “Per semper”, original title “Ever after”) of Nine Perfect Strangers, the TV series with Nicole Kidman set in a kind of luxury wellness center with therapy based on hallucinogenic substances.

If you haven’t seen the ending of Nine Perfect Strangers, you should stop now because this article obviously contains spoilers. But if you’ve watched the previous episodes, we can anticipate one thing: the series finale is extremely divisive, just like the whole series itself.

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What happens in the ending of Nine Perfect Strangers

The seventh and penultimate episode had ended with an absolutely unpredictable turn: the person who threatened Masha is the same person who years earlier had shot her almost killing her. And that is Carmel, who (disguised as a man) had confronted Masha in that parking lot just to teach her a lesson, but the arrogance of the reaction had pulled the trigger of the gun against the one who was having an affair with her husband.

And here we are at the 8th and final episode: Carmel confesses everything to Masha, who, however, instead of calling the police decides to forgive Carmel. He has her shut up in his room and goes back to the Marconis, while the hallucinogen he has taken to accompany the family to their “meeting” with the deceased Zach begins to take effect.

Napoleon, Heather and Zoe start meditating with Masha, but then Zoe realizes that to see her brother she has to get a little distracted. And here he is Zach, who arrives and “forgives” everyone: the mother for not having read the medicine leaflet correctly, the sister for not having done anything despite the suspicions, the father for not having noticed anything.

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Tony and Frances meanwhile decide to leave Tranquillum and go out to dinner, but when they arrive at the parking lot they find Ben and Jessica but not their cars. However, they hear the desperate screams of Carmel, who would like to leave the room where she is locked up, and they go to look for her together with Lars, who in the meantime has decided to leave the Marconis and Masha to enjoy their moment of painful but liberating reunion with the dead.

The 5 fail to open Carmel’s door and go to call Masha, who reassures them that the woman is about to recover and opens the door, then locks them all up with Carmel telling Glory to “start the fire”.

At this point Zoe helps Masha to review her “lapocka”, the daughter who died in a terrible bicycle accident. The “paranormal” encounter takes place, Masha can hug her daughter under Zoe’s gaze, but it is at this moment that Delilah arrives with the police.

The 6 locked up, who, feeling close to death from the fire, confessed their dreams and fears to each other, are freed by Yao who explains that it was all a “trick”. And at this point, the grand finale …


Eventually all the guests understood that Masha really helped them to get rid of their anguish, and therefore no one reports her to the police. Frances and Tony finally go to dinner, she has an inspiration for a new book and starts writing in the maid’s notebook while Tony falls asleep. Scene later: she goes home to him, who is there with her daughters.

The happy ending also comes for Carmel, who runs courses to teach people to forgive themselves; for Lars, who publishes a book entitled “Psychedelics for Salvation”; and for Ben and Jessica, who become the new owners of Tranquillum, while in the last scene Masha drives Ben’s Lamborghini with her daughter’s spirit alongside, as they drive off together into a (hallucinated) future. And they all lived “forever” (hence the title of the episode) happily ever after.

The alternative hypothesis on the ending of Nine Perfect Strangers

An alternative theory is this: what if what we see after Frances and Tony’s dinner – them getting engaged, him reuniting with their daughters, Carmel becoming some sort of psychologist, Ben and Jessica moving to Tranquillum, Lars who writes a book, in addition to the “liberated” Marconi – was it nothing more than what Frances imagines for the new novel?

It could also be, or it’s just an idea that came to our mind …

Will there be season 2 of Nine Perfect Strangers?

Unlike the “cousin” series The White Lotus, which immediately announced the second season, it is unknown whether Hulu will produce a new season of Nine Perfect Strangers.

In our opinion, this will not happen: after all, in presenting this series Hulu spoke of “miniseries”, suggesting that there are no renewals. And maybe it’s for the best, regardless of how you think about it.

So is Nine Perfect Strangers’ ending good or bad?

Impossible to objectively answer this question. If you have friends or relatives who have seen this series, you have probably noticed it: some hated it and abandoned it, others loved it and looked forward to the release of each new installment.

Here, the happy ending (real or imagined by Frances that is) of Nine Perfect Strangers is equally divisive, if not more: there are those who loved him and those who hated him. The proponents of the happy ending generally appreciated the peaceful and decisive conclusion, those who prefer the open endings probably thought that the authors of the series have exaggerated with honey, for this truly fairytale ending.

As far as we are concerned, our judgment is positive. And above all, let us emphasize that our prediction for mid-August, after previewing the first six episodes, proved to be spot on: like it or not, Nine Perfect Strangers will be talked about for a long time to come.

Rating: 8.5


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