Nine Perfect Strangers, the TV series with Nicole Kidman not to be missed


If you are looking for inner peace Tranquillum House is the place for you… or maybe not. Nicole Kidman as the ethereal and enigmatic Masha Dmitrichenko in Nine Perfect Strangers, available on Prime Video, promises the guests of his wellness center to find serenity and mental and physical balance, but for the nine strangers who are invited to that oasis surrounded by nature, the road is not really downhill.

This luxury property far from the city seems the ideal place to relax and be reborn, abandoning stress, fears, traumas and anxiety. But the methods to achieve the desired result gradually seem obscure and not quite legitimate, fueling the tension between clients / patients from different social backgrounds who find themselves living together and relating without ever having seen each other before.

Nine Perfect Strangers: heal yes, but at what price?

Nine Perfect Unknownsthe, written by David E. Kelly and inspired by the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, examines the excesses and expectations of wealthy people. He analyzes pain in an intriguing and ambiguous way, like a group psychoanalytic session in which everyone experiences emotional tension, for different causes.

nine complete strangers

Prime Video

A middle-aged writer in creative crisis and the victim of a virtual sentimental scam, a couple who must accept the premature loss of a child, a former football star who let herself go after a bad accident and became addicted to painkillers, a influencer in crisis with her boyfriend, a single and mysterious homosexual, a betrayed wife. All lost and wounded souls who need attention and serenity, but with Masha’s care they sink into a tunnel of madness and awareness that leads to chaos and an unpredictable evolution of events.

An irresistible all-star cast

“There comes a point in all of our lives where you reach this point of despair where you need help. You can’t find it in your spouse or family. So you need someone to tell you everything will be fine. And, when someone is that vulnerable, there can be abuse of power and abuse of trust, “he said Manny Jacinto who plays Masha’s assistant, Yao.

nine complete strangers

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Nicole Kidman certainly has the key role that leads the entire series, but at her side an all star cast that needs no introduction and perfectly supports the various roles with naturalness and charisma. Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Melissa McCarthy, Samara Weaving And Bobby Cannavale they give the right thickness to the respective characters, giving intense and hypnotic interpretations.

A mysterious parody of the New Age lifestyle

The author of series like Big Little Lies And The Undoing returns to work with Nicole Kidman on a television product not suitable for binge watching. Each episode needs to be metabolized before moving on. Shot in full pandemic in New South Wales, Nine Perfect Strangers it is a mysterious object that catches the attention, even if the rhythm is not constant.

It partly mocks the New Age lifestyle with its alternative therapies and health habits that are increasingly widespread in the modern era, and in the meantime it plays with human psychology experimenting here and there with the tones of the thriller.

“I definitely thought about horror and thriller, but at the end of the shooting day I realized I was playing with those tropes, trying to empathize and fall in love with those people,” said the director. Jonathan Levine during a Television Critics Association panel.

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