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Last November, the authorities granted him to visit him at his ex’s house every 15 days in supervised meetings that do not exceed two hours, but now the artist has made the decision not to see her son anymore.

Ninel Conde no longer wants to see her son Emmanuel: this is the reason

‘El Bombón Asesino’ granted an interview to ‘Ventaneando’ that was presented this Monday, June 20, in which he confessed that he will no longer see his son.

Conde indicated that he does not intend to see Emmanuel until you are allowed to meet him outside your ex’s housethat is, on a neutral site, he said.

“I am fighting for the best strategy to be changed and we can move forward, because that way only some violence is used“, he explained.

According to her, the fact that the visits take place at Giovanni Medina’s house causes him to exercise “vicarious violence” on the minor, that is, he is supposedly causing his son pain with the aim of causing another to the artist. .

“The day the judge does us favor of that can be worn in a park or in an impartial placeI will be the happiest to be there,” said Ninel Conde.

“In the meantime, this situation will not continue because not anymore,” he said, admitting that he will no longer see the child until the situation changes.

“As long as it is not dictated in an impartial place, I do not intend to continue presenting where they pretend that I am late, that I am not going,” he added.

“They make a whole story that I don’t have time to clarify because I am dedicated to my work; to produce, to create.”

Ninel Conde shares the pain caused by not seeing her son

Faced with this decision and legal actions that she seeks to take to obtain a neutral site to see the child, Ninel Conde admitted that it fills her with sadness not to continue in contact with Emmanuel.

It hurts not being able to see my sonOf course it hurts, I miss it horrible, but I’ve been begging for something that is my right for 2 years,” he acknowledged.

I am happy that it could be in my housewe live two blocks away, I would be the happiest, the day they told me I would be there, “he said to conclude.

At the end of last May, Ninel Conde made public that Giovanni Medina allegedly denied her access to see her son at her house because she was late.


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