Nintendo Releases Horror Game Trailer, But No One Knows Anything About It. The Question “Who Is Emio?” Is Driving Gamers Crazy — Nintendo Switch

Almost mimicking, of course, “Who’s Gabbo?” from The Simpsons, this puppet Malrollera which drew criticism for the Fox series’ episode, Nintendo is trying to catch up with what could be its next new IP. It “Who is Emio?” showed up yesterday afternoon, July 10th, with mysterious character I smile and two teaser trailer that previewed the arrival of a new horror game for the Japanese hybrid, but More than 10 hours later, we still have no convincing answers.. Let’s see what we know about the good or not so good Emio. Before we dive into this, it should be noted that beyond what Nintendo officially knows, everything else speculations And speculations What they may not come true.

The video that crowns these lines and lasts only a few seconds is mysterious person in a cloak, with his head covered a paper bag decorated with a disturbing smile. The atmosphere of the video is dirty and disturbing, the images jump regularly, and the melody adds a touch of classic horror. All this in conclusion kanji phrasesynonyms used in Japanese writing that translates as “smiling man”.


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In a surprising move, Nintendo appears to have unveiled a new IP for its hybrid console, which is set to celebrate its eighth anniversary on the market and whose successor is just around the corner. Of course, what surprised me most, aside from the game’s bizarre advertising campaign, was the horror aesthetic and its PEGI rating 18with warning of appearance internal problems, violence, suicide or excessive crueltywhich makes it clear that the Japanese aren’t playing small games around this apparently new IP. What else do we know about Emio?

Attractive Marketing for a Potential New Horror Game

As a result of the Big N’s silence around Emyo and this preview, especially considering that there is no description in any of the videos the company has released, players have started to uncover small details of this teaser and “hints” left by the Japanese. For starters, as quoted by 3D artist Skyplayer37, Japanese site which Nintendo’s ad is posted on actually includes two teaser another which appear randomly for viewers and with slight variationsIn one, this “Emio” appears with a paper bag and a forced smile, in another – with a much more frightening chuckle.

This does not clear up many doubts, although it is frightening no matter how you look at it, but it leads us to the obvious second clue: Team Bluber. In February 2023, the parents of The Medium and Silent Hill 2 Remake announced a collaboration with Nintendo under the codename Project Mand the assets found on the Japanese website suggest that we are talking about the same project.


Image of the collaboration between Bloober Team and Draw Distance

This new IP was created under the leadership of the Bloober team, who have completed its pre-production by now, and will be fully developed (with Polish support) by the team from Drawing distancethe creators of Serial Cleaner. This game I would have a smaller budget which the Polish company signed, although no information was released O if this was a horror gametherefore, we are talking about possibilities, not about certainty.

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As it were, secrecy around the project fueled the players’ curiosityReddit and social media are full of obvious rumors and dreams, as some players are thinking about a new Fatal Frame, while others are already aware of the developments. fan art of this “smiling man”. At this point we know that the Japanese are cooking up something terrible and mention of Nintendo Switch in that teaser offers what a game could be launched this year or in 2025before the console is replaced by its successor.

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