Nintendo Survey Reveals Which Games Need An Anime

There are a lot of video games that we would like to have in anime versions, and Nintendo is one of the most important companies in the industry, throughout history, it has launched some iconic franchises.

Since Super Mario until Kirby and beyond, Nintendo’s reputation for gaming is top notch is fully founded, that’s why fans always want more, and many have started asking for anime versions of their favorite IPs, and now, thanks to a new survey We know which Nintendo titles fans want to see turned into anime soon.

The update comes directly from Japan, as the popular site Anime Anime surveyed users. It was there that fans were asked what video game titles they wanted to see in an anime adaptation, where of the ten most voted, half of them belonged to Nintendo, and the first place winner might surprise you.

According to the list, splatoon took first place, and it’s no surprise, as the game continues to be a huge hit in Japan. Its online co-op mode is a popular choice among gamers of all ages, and other Nintendo picks include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Y Fire Emblem: Three House.

So, as for the non-Nintendo picks, some solid picks were voted on like Undertalewhich ranked fourth, while Kingdom Hearts Y Minecraft ranked seventh and eighth, and Jack Jeanne helped complete the list along with Buddy Mission Bond. So if you were hoping to see God of War on this list, well, you might consider looking at Vinland Saga instead, or perhaps you could check out Record of Ragnarok.

So as expected, Nintendo has not given the green light to any anime adaptation, but the company has already done so in the past. Since, Super Mario had its own anime, and recently, Nintendo sparked rumors of future anime adaptations when it acquired its own studio: Dynamo Picturesa studio that he outsourced, and which has been involved in major projects like Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and more.

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