Nintendo Switch emulator for your Android mobile, does it work?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the fashionable consoles and with many advantages as it is a hybrid option that allows us to play whatever we want at home but also take it as a portable console if we are going to travel. But it is possible that you do not want to buy it or simply that you cannot buy it because you do not have the budget. In that case, it is likely that want to use a nintendo switch emulator for your mobile phone but… is this a good idea?

It is likely that you are not interested in the Nintendo Switch because you do not want a new console or because you do not want to make an outlay like having it. But that there is a game that you want to have, a specific title that you do not want to miss and that has led you to consider the option of looking for emulators that allow us to play these games without having to physically have the gadget.

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The most popular Nintendo Switch emulator for mobile phones is Egg NS Emulator and it has a list of about 500 titles that we could play from our mobile phones, although some may have a problem or may not load correctly. But it is an application that allows you to load games for Nintendo Switch from an Android mobile phone that is quite powerful and meets a series of minimum requirements that make it compatible with what we want…

EGG NS Emulator asks us for a minimum Snapdragon 855 processor or higher models, although it will depend specifically on the title you want to play that requires more or less power or that you need a Snapdragon 888, for example. In this case, all you have to do is go to the phone’s specifications to find out if it meets this requirement and if we have enough power to play.

But the experience will not be free but we need to buy something: a command or controller. Egg NS Emulator does not allow us to play the games by adapting them to the phone’s screen, but it forces us to have GameSir X2 controller What it does is convert the smartphone to the console screen and it adds a kind of casing or cover that makes the phone practically identical to the console that we don’t want to buy and we will have the different buttons, joystick, etc.

The controller has a price of around 100 euros and we can buy it from its official website if we want to start using the emulator on the phone. Once we have it, we access the links that those responsible for the project make available to users and that allow us to download it.

When we have read and completed the installation guide, we can start using the emulator and playing Switch games on our mobile.

What games are there?

There are more than 500 titles available but not all work perfectly and from the web page we can see a table or category that tell us if they are in perfect condition, if it can be played or there will be problems… There are four categories: Excellent, Playable, Good and Nothing. And from the web you will find a table where it indicates the name of the title, the degree of quality or playability, the FPS and with what processor and with how much RAM the game in question has been tested.

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Once we have this in mind, we can play whatever interests us.

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