Nintendo Switch updates libraries: here are the best FREE games we must try!

Time for news also for Nintendo Switch. Its catalog of games is also expanding with several free games to try right away. Once downloaded from the eShop the fun can begin. Pokémon, Rocket League and many more!

Finally, the Nintendo Switch library is also renewed. –

Nintendo Switch it is still seen as a novelty but its catalog of games is wider than we think. With the start of 2022, several free titles to download have also arrived. Which one to start from? Let’s take a look at the review.

There is a game available on the Nintendo Switch that has been talked about a lot lately for its updates. Obviously we are talking about Fortnite, the flagship Battle Royale released by Epic Games. It is now a real cult with millions of players connected every day. Fortnite does have some microtransactions, that’s true, but it’s about purely aesthetic and non-essential improvements. In addition to multiplayer, you can play cross-play on different platforms.

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If you prefer cars to Battle Royale, then it’s time to think about it Rocket League. This game is also compatible on any platform and takes place in multiplayer. The concept mixes driving with football: the aim is to push more balls into the opponent’s goal.

Pokémon and Fantasy on Nintendo Switch

A quiet puzzle and Pokèmon Unite, off to combat creations. –

They are well two free titles for Switch dedicated to the Pokémon franchise. The first is a fun puzzle game with lovely graphics. It is called Pokémon Café Mix and is set in a place where the critters order food specially for them. To complete the orders it is necessary to overcome the mini-challenges proposed.

Also Pokémon Unite arrived for free on the Nintendo bookstore. Each fighting match lasts no more than ten minutes in this title making the game easier.

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Some interesting news has appeared in the fantasy world. From smartphone game now Sky: Children of the Light is available on console. It is a very simple gameplay with storybook graphics that take great care of the setting. The story quietly takes 4 or 5 hours of play.

Finally, it deserves a mention Apex Legends, a spin-off of Titanfall. The universe is the same but chronologically it starts 30 years after the events of the main game.

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