Niurka advises Belinda not to return the ring to Christian Nodal: “You will be the master of those interested”

Niurka Marcos / Belinda.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

More than two weeks after The sentimental break between Belinda and Christian Nodal was announcedone of the great questions that has circulated among his fans is the fate of the engagement ring, so in addition to Galilea Montijo and Lupillo Rivera, he was now Niurka Marcos who opined that the expensive jewel should not be returned.

In an interview with various media outlets at the Mexico City airport, the Cuban vedette was blunt in expressing her opinion on the controversial thunder of the “Nodeli”, where she not only told the interpreter of ‘Adiós Amor’ everything , but also shared the reasons why, according to her, Belinda should not return the ring with which she was engaged in May 2021 during a romantic evening in a restaurant in Madrid, Spain.

And it is that, for “Mamá Niu” the luxurious ring valued at $3 million dollars is a gift that her boyfriend gave her, who will not be able to return everything that she gave him at the time.

Don’t give him anything back because he can’t give you back the enjoyed, the presumed and the groped“, he expressed.

In addition, she defended her from those who criticize her on social networks, as she assured that anyone who has a jewel of such value in their hands would surely not return it either.

“To all those interested people who are saying on social networks, that they put a $3 million dollar ring on him to see if they will return it“, she said, and then with the sense of humor that characterizes her, ask”a percentage because he defended it“.

In addition, he advised her to keep the ring regardless of being pointed out as an interested party.

Yes, be interested creature. Mama Niu is the vulgar one, but the most, the master of the vulgar ones; you will be the master of those interested. Doesn’t matter, sell it. What is given is not taken away“, added before the camera of the journalist Eden Dorantes.

Finally, he asked her not to spend her money suing those who defame her, because in the end the “will make more famous” than it already is.

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