Niurka Marcos breaks down in tears when entering “The House of Celebrities 2”

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There is no deadline that is not fulfilled and in full celebration of Mother’s Day, Niurka Marcos had to leave everything to undertake a new challenge in reality “The house of the famous 2”where this afternoon she entered, along with 16 other personalities, who, like her, want to reach the grand finale and be crowned with the prize of 200 thousand dollars.

like seldom, the Cuban vedette burst into tears when saying goodbye to her three children, Kiko, Romina and Emilio, who wished her the best, in addition to reminding her how important and loved she is by them.

“Mom, give it a try, you’re going to win, you have our full support and we’re going to be fine out here,” Kiko told the Cuban woman, who couldn’t stop crying at this bittersweet farewell. while his daughter Romina brought her a present, which is not only to fill her with energy, but also so that she remembers them during the months she will spend in the property, where it will be watched 24/7, by 60 cameras and the same number of microphones.

Niurka and her youngest son Emilio

The young woman brought her a pink t-shirt in which they dedicated a few words to her mother, “We are going to leave you this little gift so that when you see it you remember us or simply when you want to run away you grab it and remember usbecause we will always be supporting you”.

“A lot of people know your outside, which is a mess including us and we have fun with, but now they will meet the person we love and for whom we give our lives”, said the best of his children Emilio, product of his relationship with the producer Juan Osorio.

Thus, between tears, the Cuban began this new challenge in her career, where she, Laura Bozzo and Osvaldo Rios they have become the favorites, due to their strong, fun and explosive character. They will also be: Toni Costa, Julia Gama, Eduardo Rodríguez, Lewis Mendoza, Daniella Navarro, Rafael Nieves, Mayeli Alonso, Juan Vidal, Salvador Zerboni, Brenda Zambrano, Natalia Alcocer, Nacho Casano, Ivonne Monteroy Luis ¨Potro” Caballero.

Niurka Marcos is a favorite among Internet users

We share the video of Niurka entering the reality show “LCDLF2”:

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