Niurka Marcos is sincere and tells the “males” of “The House of Celebrities”: what do you want to see?

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Undoubtedly, Niurka Marcos He is keeping his promise to show himself as he is in “The House of Celebrities”, where despite being monitored 24/7, he does not miss an opportunity to cause controversy. Now the Cuban did it again when talking about what the “males” of the reality show need.

Barely five days have passed since she entered the property and the vedette has already given reasons to talk about her, because without fear She made some spicy comments about her male companions, who, like her, seek to win the juicy prize.

Guys, I want you to know that all the girls in this wonderful house have been keeping an eye on all the males… They are all so hot! They don’t need anything, they don’t have anything left over, everything is in its place, the only thing missing is to see the package”, said the also actress, who wore an orange biker, blue top and black fanny pack.

Niurka and Laura Bozzo started with rivalry.

Before her spicy words, the celebrities who meet her, far from getting upset, laughed with the good humor of the Cuban, who since entering the property has put his own flavor to the reality show, although he is also beginning to gain the dislike of some.

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