Niurka Marcos said in front of the dancer Toni Costa that Adamari López “was fat and ugly” after ending the relationship

The actress Niurka Marcos during a broadcast of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ spoke about the host Adamari López, because her statement caused a stir because they were completely negative comments towards her.

Furthermore, during his speech said the Puerto Rican was “fat and ugly”. In this way, he discredited the physical appearance that she had at one stage of her life.

There was a time when she got ugly, embarrassed and fat“Well, from her perception, that was how the actress also put herself when the relationship she had with the Spanish dancer Toni Costa had come to an end.

The most striking thing on this occasion is that he did not limit himself to saying a word in front of those present because when he did he was in front of López’s ex, because Costa was in the place, because they had a love relationship of at least 10 years, As a result of that love, Alaïa Costa was born.

However, in the midst of the awkward moment what he did was bow his head, while on social networks they criticized him nonstop for not having defended against the negative comments to which his ex was subjected, considering that she is the mother of his little and only daughter so far.

“It is also the mother’s fault, because she did not say: ‘He is not and he is the father of my daughter and they respect him.’ There are times when you have to speak with grief. I love Adamari very much, I just saw her and she touched me a lot. she is beautifulBut, those are mistakes of the past. You have to defend the family, “said the Cuban during the reality show after the accusations where they say that apparently the dancer is not heterosexual.

Later, some of those present taking the opportunity to approve the physical change to which Adamari decided to submit for her to feel better about herself. Through her personal account on Instagram, she has revealed the processes with which she has wanted to improve.

The television presenter Laura Bozzo during an intervention stated that The vedette lacks humility and called her “arrogant”.

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