Niurka’s ex-wife shows off her look after plastic surgery to leave intensive care: she faces criticism

The artist underwent emergency surgery on September 3 and then had to Intubated and placed in intensive careAccording to the actor’s husband Roy Garcia.

surgical intervention It was related to diverticulitis After Eduardo Antonio had cosmetic surgery in late August.

Although her stay in intensive care was apparently unrelated to the cosmetic treatment she had, the diverticulitis is believed to have been caused by the medications she took after the operation.

Niurka’s ex-wife surprised with a ‘dress’ from the hospital

This Saturday, September 9, it was reported from the artist’s Instagram account that “‘El Divo’ just came out of intensive care,

Her look caught attention in the photo published with that message.

“And I went quietly,” the singer wrote, where he is seen wearing red silk clothes, dark glasses and a scarf wrapped around his head.

Eduardo Antonio appeared with left side vision a few hours before discharge. The ‘organization’ has divided opinion among its followers.

Credit, Eduardo Antonio/Instagram

“Imagine how I’ll get out of the hospital.”he warned, still from the wheelchair.

The Cuban organization divided opinion. While some appreciated that “you don’t let being hospitalized spoil your beauty,” others criticized it: “Nobody can explain to ‘El Divo’ that you can be a trend without it ” fall into ridiculousness“One user wrote.

Eduardo Antonio warned that he turned out to be “prudish” with his look and warned about the ‘outfit’ with which he would leave the hospital.

Credit, Eduardo Antonio/Instagram

In a short clip posted this weekend, he is seen walking hand in hand with a nurse in a hospital gown and a male nurse who helped him navigate the corridors of the medical institution, Where he is recovering.

“Everything will be okay,” the singer wrote.

Eduardo Antonio shows off his recovery progress.

Credit, Eduardo Antonio/Instagram

Nyurka’s ex-wife is getting ready to get a break even with a stylist

This Sunday, September 10, Niurka’s ex announced that he was going to be discharged.

“getting ready to leave the hospital” he said in the publication.

She claimed that when this happened, her stylist Yuri Bravo had gone to the hospital to prepare it.

“Sunday’s Hospital to Hair Salon, Getting beautiful for the day of departure,” the artist wrote, “Thanks to Yuri Bravo for being in charge of my image.”

Eduardo Antonio welcomed his stylist to the hospital where he remained hospitalized for just over a week.

Credit, Eduardo Antonio/Instagram

In another message he thanked those who “prayed” for him: ” I am much better now And I’m going home soon.”

Niurka Marcos and Eduardo Antonio ended their courtship of more than two years in 2011. Cuban did not immediately respond after learning that her ex-husband had been in intensive care in recent days.


After the romance with Juan Vidal ended, Niurka assured that she did not need Cynthia Klitbo to come to her defense.

Credit, grosby group


Cynthia Klitbo, who was the Dominican actor’s partner before the so-called ‘Scandal Woman’, offered her support to Niurka when he announced that he was no longer with Vidal.

Credit, Cynthia Klitbo/Instagram


Soap opera villains like Cadenas de Amargura had a conflict with Nyurka, because Nyurka defended her then-boyfriend; However, after the thunderbolt, he expressed solidarity with the dancer.

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Cynthia Clitbo and Juan Vidal announced their breakup last February and reportedly ended their six-month relationship on good terms. However, when it emerged that the actor had started a new romance, Klitbo revealed that her ex had robbed and abused her.

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Niurka vigorously defended her boyfriend for five months and the actresses waged a media war for several weeks.


Now that Emilio Osorio’s mother has broken up with Vidal, Klitbo said he supports her because he believes “she may not be having a good time” and wants a man who is “really I deserve them” come into their lives.

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“I have not attacked her, nor will I attack her because I believe in women’s sisterhood. And women have to support each other and I know deep down she’s not having a good time. Cynthia Clitbo said in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, “I only wish for her that she finds a man who really deserves her.”

Credit, heating the mixture


Niurka reacted to Klitbo’s recent statements and told the media that she does not want to be associated with anyone against Juan Vidal.

Credit, instagram/niurka.oficial


The ex-wife of producer Juan Osorio, who some time ago called Cynthia Klitbo “fiery”, mentioned that she would not be involved with him, as she considered him to be an “unstable” and “bipolar” person.

Credit, Cynthia Klitbo/Instagram

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In a meeting with media outlets such as the UNIMás program Siéntese donde puede he said emphatically, “I do not want to unite with anyone, least of all with someone who has shown himself to be so unstable and so bipolar!”

Credit, instagram/niurka.oficial


The Cuban star made it clear that he had no intention of establishing a friendship with Klitschko, even now agreeing that Vidal was a bad match for both of them.

Credit, Nyurka Marcos/Instagram


“You can’t show solidarity with me, Cynthia, because I treated him very differently from you, my relationship was completely different from yours,” the Cuban dancer said.

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Niurka Marcos has addressed the topic of the end of their courtship, saying that the Dominican actor is “narcissistic” and that she “hates” him.

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For his part, on Tuesday, November 15, Juan Vidal said that he could not explain why Niurka was insulting him. Regarding the reasons for their breakup, the actor stated in ‘The Hot Table’ that the end of their relationship occurred when Nyurka became upset as a result of a trip he wanted to take to see their 5-year-old daughter Natalia.

Credit, televisa


“I was going from Mexico to Miami for two days to see my daughter and from there I was catching a plane to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on Monday,” he told ‘La Mesa Caliente’. “She told me she wanted to travel from Merida-Miami all the time and there we had a fight and she got upset,” the actor revealed.

Credit, Instagram/@juanvidalgil

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