No age for Emily in Paris actress Lilly Collins’ STYLISH tuxedo

Without a doubt, yesterday’s Lily Collins could be part of one of the chapters that stars on netflix. none of which we have seen Emily in Paris We would find it strange if the actress, in the marketing-savvy series, appeared in Ralph Lauren’s latest fall 2022 show. Of course, the setting would not be the French capital but New York, and Lily, not Emily Cooper, would dress in pure black (except for the shirt) and not a thousand colors as usual in Fiction of which she herself is also an executive producer.

The protagonist of one of the most watched series on the content platform, mixing humor, drama, fashion and youthful aspirations in the city of love, went yesterday accompanied by her husband to the presentation of the trends that Ralph Lauren saves for next fall. Much more discreet than the character she plays, the 33-year-old actress made it very clear that There is no age to wear a tuxedo. And less if it is from the brand that paraded yesterday.

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Very elegant, classic and with no more ornaments or glitter than the corresponding one on the wide lapels of the jacket, Lily’s two-piece suit stood out for its attempt at discretion even though it was extremely special.

Probably made by and for her, the double-breasted blazer scared the crap out of her: the shoulder pads stayed right in place and the front button, slightly lopsided, closed the perfect piece. The pants, straight and with the perfect length, only showed the tip of the stilettosthe same color as the suit and the satin bow tie.

With her hair pulled back and pulled back except for a small toupee and brown-toned makeup that didn’t need lipstick on her lips, the actress made it clear that dresses are great, but a tuxedo is crucial.

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