“No deposit should be requested with patients injured by weapons, heart attack or stroke”

The director of the renowned Corazones Unidos clinic considered that no private health center should ask for a deposit to provide medical assistance to patients who arrive at the emergency with stab wounds, fire, a myocardial infarction or a stroke.

The doctor Victor Neck Mainardi described as inhumane to ask for a deposit to care for a person who arrives with an acute myocardial infarction.

However, Neck Mainardi said that, to collect said deposit, everything will depend on the severity, because it is not the same when someone arrives with a headache or vomiting, than arriving with an acute myocardial infarction.

Interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral on the D’AGENDA program that is broadcast every Sunday on Telesistema Channel 11 and TV Quisqueya for the United States, the doctor recalled that at the administrative level the deposit is a way to cover oneself, because there are many patients who after they enter as private, and then they say they have no money, when they have been able to generate an account of one million pesos.

He insisted that on the subject of the deposit it will depend on how the patient arrives, and do it subtly, because there are places that are already charging him before entering, which is why it is a matter of diversifying and how to request that deposit.

“But, with everything, it is a business, that should not be hidden, they have to put a deposit, now, someone who arrives with two stab wounds, or a firearm, a heart attack or a stroke, you cannot tell a family member to deposit so much before”, explained the doctor.

He assured that this situation will be resolved when there is a globalized medicine, which consists in all patients being able to choose where to go.

In this regard, he said he supported President Luis Abinader’s willingness to provide soft loans for two billion pesos to private health centers.

“I support one hundred percent the action of President Abinader to facilitate these funds to private clinics, because we have to start with something, once this is facilitated we will be able to have, which would be my dream and that of many of my colleagues, an open medicine, which means that everyone can choose where to go, and this is a first step, because once he helps private clinics, we are going to have to open up to all kinds of insurance, as it should be, ”explained Dr. Neck Mainardi .

He gave as an example that he has patients who cannot see him, and he has to be treated by the United Hearts Foundation, as well as patients who cannot undergo procedures at the clinic, and are still treated by the Foundation.

“But that happens in Corazones Unidos, but in the country that is not the case, there are patients who cannot be operated on in such a clinic due to their insurance, and this is a way to begin to globalize medical care, as it should be,” the cardiologist insisted.

He reiterated that the step taken by the president will open the doors for the country to have a globalized medicine.

Defines anabolic steroids as a ticking time bomb for bodybuilders and encourages them to ban their use

Cardiologist Víctor Cuello Mainardi described the anabolic steroids consumed by bodybuilders and other athletes as a time bomb, which can cause serious damage to the point of death.

“They are a time bomb, in addition to that doesn’t get out of your system right away, that lasts for a while, so that’s why those bodybuilding athletes, if you can call it an athlete, they last so long and they cycle, because they can’t constantly inject that, because it’s so harmful that they can’t do it like a person who takes a daily medicine”, detailed the director of Corazones Unidos.

He urged the population to exercise naturally, and you can take a protein shake, some amino acids that are very good, but anabolics should suppress them.

“People from all over the world come to the office. 40-year-olds, who practiced bodybuilding at 20 and used anabolic steroids and have blood pressure, metabolic, and male sex hormone problems.

“The testicles decrease in size, when one checks the testosterone is at the bottom, that is, it is a damage that is practically permanent in the patient, and has a significant impact on public health,” he warned.

He insisted that anabolic steroids are deposit hormones that produce terrible damage to the cardiovascular system in general, because they are substances that inhibit and many increase people’s natural hormones, and have a fundamental role in the management and regulation of the Endothelium, which is the inner part of the blood vessel that is already considered an organ.

He said that with these steroid substances they increase glycemia, and there are a number of factors that alter the entire system, not only cardiovascular, but at the level of the pancreas, of male and female hormones, and without a doubt it has a fundamental role in the malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

It maintains that more than 3.5 million Dominicans suffer from hypertension equivalent to 35% of the population

Cardiologist Víctor Neck Mainardi estimates that more than 3,500,000 Dominicans suffer from hypertension, which is 35 percent of the population.

“When we talk about vascular or cardiovascular disease, we are talking about the leading cause of death In the world, we are talking about the fact that of the three leading causes of death, two have to do with vascular problems, the first is acute myocardial infarction, or Acute Coronary Syndrome, and the third is Cerebral Vascular Accidents, or stroke cerebral as people commonly know it”, diagnosed the director of Corazones Unidos.

Neck Mainardi said that according to statistics between 30 to 50 percent of the world’s population suffers from hypertension, and with the new guidelines that has increased.

“So, hypertension is responsible for both things that I mentioned earlier, therefore, we are seeing that the leading cause of death worldwide, above traffic accidents and cancer, are cardiovascular problems,” he reaffirmed.

The doctor reported that a study was carried out in the Dominican Republic where it was determined that 35 percent of the population suffers from hypertension, which is equivalent to more than 3.5 million people, that means what the whole world knew, because it coincides with statistics worldwide, in developed countries, as well as developing countries.

He indicated that many personalities are not saved from this pathology, because it is responsible for the highest mortality rate in the world.

He said that in the case of the Dominican Republic, People with an economic extract, and with slightly higher studies, have better access to higher quality medicine, as well as high quality medicines.

“It is not the same as you to take a antihypertensive or treatment for original diabetes, that taking a generic of inferior quality, it is still not the same that you can afford to go to your specialist periodically, that you live in a batey, for example, and do not go to the doctor, that you have headache and take an aspirin, and do not look for the cause of that headache”, considered the health professional.

He added that, evidently, the low-income patient tends to suffer more from pressure and metabolic diseases, and from all pathologies, than that person of a higher socioeconomic level.

He clarified that it is not a matter of the person per se, but rather it is a matter of access to quality medicine, and to follow-up in the same sense.

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