No, Katy Perry does not intend to retire!

There will be joy when I sit down and prepare a new album., she said to the media. Katy Perry, one of the biggest stars of her generation, recently began her residency in Las Vegas – the opportunity for the interpreter to Teenage Dream to settle down with Rolling Stone.

You don’t have to take shrooms to feel like you took them when you watch this show. Believe me “she says about the show she presents in the gambling capital. “There’s the whole nostalgia factor, but it’s wrapped up in this lively story of an Alice in Wonderland-esque mushroom trip to find true love and self-love.” »

Accustomed to huge arenas, Katy Perry takes advantage of this residency in a more confidential room to constantly interact with her audience: “I like it because it’s an intimate theatre. When I do big tours, I play arenas that have tens of thousands of people, which is fantastic, and there’s an incredible energy. But in this theater there are 5,000 people in Vegas. Everything is pretty close, and everyone feels like they have the best seat in the house because they can literally smell me. That’s what I love about this experience. », she confides to the media.

Fans can be reassured, this residency is absolutely not a way to take a creative break – quite the contrary. The one that, two years ago, offered us Smile, never stop writing. Will she concentrate on a new opus? Chances are. Is this residency a way for the artist to slow down and retire? Absolutely not : ” It’s not like I’m looking to retire,” she decides before adding that she still has “more than one trick up his sleeve”.

We will have to wait a little longer before finding Katy Perry on French soil. But, let the fans be reassured: the one who gave us I Kissed a Gir, Roar or This is how we Do has not said her last word.

The entire interview can be found at Rolling Stone, just HERE.

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