no more 4K, Intel retires SGX

Digital has been taking the place of the physical for quite some time now, also in terms of movies and TV series. Just think of the enormous success of streaming platforms, as well as the possibility of digitally buying and renting films and the disappearance of players from PCs: There are very few left to use Blu-rays on computers.

Yet, we are sure that the news we are about to give you will drop a tear on the face of some enthusiast. In fact, according to what was reported by MSPowerUser and BleepingComputer, Intel has decided to send retired SGX (Software Guard Extensions) technology, which in other words is required to “decode” the discs (in the middle there is the DRM), so as to view the contents at high resolution.

Let’s make it short, without getting too technical: starting with the eleventh and the just announced twelfth generation of Intel processors, DRM-protected 4K Blu-Rays can no longer be played on PC. Think that DRM protected Ultra HD discs were made usable on computers by the Skylake generation. In any case, Intel’s indications, as you can see in the image at the bottom of the news, are clear: SGX technology is not supported by the latest processors.

The issue was also confirmed by the FAQ of the well-known company CyberLink, which highlighted the fact that there is not much to be done about it. By the way, apparently upgrading to Windows 11 may also cause problems in terms of reproduction, as “headaches” may arise in terms of drivers. Clearly there are no problems using “old” processors and older software versions, but you understand that the Blu-ray era is definitely going down.

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