No more excuses for not reading: here are 2 tricks to take many books home even at no cost

Books-Photos by imagoeconomica

Books-Photos by imagoeconomica

Reading is a hobby that should be cultivated from a young age. Here are two tricks to overcome the book cost problem.

There are many Italians who do not read but, despite this tendency, there are many others who love to get lost in novels and essays. For many, the deterrent to reading is the cost of books. In fact, in some cases they can even cost 20 or 30 euros, certainly important amounts that not everyone wants to invest in reading. Especially if you’re already struggling to make ends meet. There are, however, some tricks that will allow us to take home many free books. We are not talking about the classic municipal library, always an excellent idea, but about two other methods. But how can we take books home for free? Today we will discover some tricks to save money even while cultivating the hobby of reading.

No more excuses for not reading: here are 2 tricks to take many books home

Among the most interesting methods used by Italians to take books home without spending 1 euro is neighborhood libraries created by individuals. Improvised but always well-kept places where anyone can go to browse. The operation of these places is really very simple, a true paradise for reading lovers. As written, the rules are few and simple.

In the event that we find something that we like, we can take the books with us without having to bring others. However, if when emptying the house or the bookstore we realize that we have duplicates, what we should do is take them to the local bookstore. Then, all you have to do is look for one of these spaces in the city. Today, in fact, they are widespread places even in the smallest towns, sometimes even improvised.

Second trick

The second method to bring home almost new, in some cases new, books without spending a fortune is to take a trip to second-hand markets. In fact, used is not always synonymous with old and dusty, since new books are also hidden here. An example is the galleries of Turin full of areas where you can buy books at attractive prices. Books that can be purchased for about ten euros for 20 or 30 euros. Without a doubt a smart way to save money without giving up the books that interest us most. So there are no more excuses not to read: here are 2 tricks to take many books home.

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