No more sleepless nights and nightmares, these remedies will help us sleep more peacefully without waking up all the time

At the end of a day’s work one would like to abandon oneself, as they say, into the arms of Morpheus. Disconnect with the rest of the world and forget problems and worries. Close your eyes and get the famous eight consecutive hours of sleep, as many recommend.

Even if, then, that of the eight hours is a myth. Each individual is different from the other. For example, someone might need as little as five to feel perfectly rested. Others, however, need many more. The real problem is sleeping them all in a row, without interrupting them. There are those who have this luck. He does not have time to touch the bed, which immediately falls into a deep sleep, perhaps snoring, until the next morning.

No more sleepless nights or continually disturbed by frequent awakenings with this remedy

Those who sleep next to it, however, if they have a light and disturbed sleep, suffer from it, continuing to wake up. Which is deleterious, because you get up in the morning feeling more tired than before. But now we will never have sleepless nights and nightmares again thanks to some precious remedies that could help us.

Many are scrambling to look for alternative solutions. There are also those who stuff themselves with sleeping pills or try grandmother’s remedies hoping to wake up as little as possible. Sometimes, we ourselves are the cause of this sleep disorder and it would be enough to eliminate certain bad habits to improve the quality of our sleep.

Some women also seem to have eliminated the problem at its source by sending the partner out of bed and making the dog sleep on the sheets. In short, you try a bit of everything to sleep a few more hours at a stretch.

No more sleepless nights and nightmares, but we just need to use these remedies that will make us sleep more peacefully without waking up all the time

Well, a remedy to be able to sleep, finally, better, is given by vitamins and mineral salts. Magnesium, for example, among its various functions, can also act on the nervous system and psychological function. This makes it easier and more likely to fall asleep. Hence, we should fill up on foods rich in magnesium, such as whole grains, peas, beans and even bitter cocoa.

Potassium also has the ability to relax the nerves and therefore should be taken even before bedtime. Space, therefore, for dried legumes, dried fruit, citrus fruit juices. Among the vitamins, B6 is essential. As the Humanitas specialists explain, in fact, the deficiency of vitamin B6 is also registered with insomnia. It has the ability to stimulate the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. In this way, it makes you fall asleep earlier and, above all, better regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

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If at night we wake up at 3 or always at the same time there is a reason that should not be underestimated but these are the remedies to avoid creating problems for our health.

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