“No one is better or worse than anyone else”

After the publication of Provisional lists of FSE examsthere are many future residents who have decided to express their impressions and opinions about this test through their social networks.

One of the applicants MIR 2022 He wanted to send a message to those who “have taken a stick and have not obtained the result they expected”. “Today I am not going to bring the speech that we are all cracks, whatever number you are, that I think about it, I am going to address those who are feeling shitty about others right now,” he began by writing on his account. Twitter.

“The MIR is unfair and the chance of that day was very great”, confessed the applicant, who added that “now that the results are known, it’s time to rest and gradually assimilate the result”. “Try to embrace the new situation, either repeat, take another specialty or go away,” he wrote.

MIR exam results: “Do not question your worth”

“It sucks not meeting the objective, and it’s okay to say so,” confessed the applicant, admitting that “it’s unfair not to be able to choose what you want when you measure yourself against so many people.” “You have to cry, kick and whatever it takes. And then, breathe, consider options and keep moving forward”, he stated.

In addition, the student, who admitted that this is the second time he has taken the MIR exam, stated that “the frustration is horrible and that you have to give yourself time and verbalize it.” Finally, the applicant stated that “No one is less or worse than anyone else”. “The effort that has been made is too valuable for this result to make us question our worth,” he concluded.

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