No one recognized her: this is how Friends Janice actress Maggie Wheeler became

Almost 15 years have passed since we saw her appear for the first time to the cry of her OMG!, but the actress has hardly changed and these are the reasons why.

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We are nostalgic. We would not be able to determine the reason. It may be the increasingly official temperature change – let’s face it, the days of smearing your body with protective creams and sunbathing come to a natural end this year – or it may be that encouraged by the blanket (yes, we have already removed) we have returned to see that series that does not matter how many times we see it; we keep laughing at the same jokes as the first time. If it’s about friends.

In this way, while we let the chapter load to avoid small breaks, we remembered Lisa Ludrow’s insecurities during the filming of the series, Courteney Cox’s repentance and enough cry with her aesthetic touch-ups or how rich she must be the collagen powder that Jennifer Aniston takes every morning with her coffee (and that we found on Amazon) along with her four morning steps. And suddenly we hear a huge OH MY GOD! And what about Janice? We are wondering. what happened to Maggie Wheeler?

Maggie Wheeler: how she has changed in these 14 years

The actress who played the iconic Janice turned 61 last August. They say soon.

Although at first his appearance in the sitcom was going to be punctual, his laughter and his already iconic OMG favored endless appearances. And, although, clearly the passage of time passes, the actress -as we could well see in the reunion of the characters- beyond showing off a few more marked small lines of expression… she has hardly changed.

Just compare these snapshots. The one on the left was taken in 2007, while the one on the right was taken during the aforementioned reunion last year. Almost 15 years of difference between both photographs.

Of course, despite the fact that it seems a feasible and simple objective, you already know physically keeping more or less the same, it is not reality.

Recently, we analyzed how Rebel Wilson resorted to the Mayr diet to maintain her weight or, for example, we see how Eva Longoria does not stop changing her training routines to stylize and tone her body, but Maggie Wheeler is hardly known any.

Clearly, time passes and if you want to prevent the appearance of flaccidity in your legs or arms, you must tone up and work, even minimally on your body, and we are sure that Maggie, after seeing her snapshots, does so. In the same way that, without a good and balanced diet (we wouldn’t be surprised if he followed Courteney’s culinary skills), it is impossible to stop time in this way.

Although, yes, we admit it, we would also like to discover what anti-aging cream you use because, of course, the result is obvious. However, who knows… maybe she will opt for the cosmetics that her colleagues have brought out or for her favorite products such as the multi-purpose cream that Aniston uses.

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