No Time to Die, the video interview with Rami Malek


The video interview with Rami Malek, the Oscar-winning actor is the villain of No Time to Die, the 25th film in the 007 saga and Daniel Craig’s farewell to the role.

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No Time to Die: An image from the trailer

Everything has been said about his character: thanks to the few images in the trailer for No Time to Die, in Italian cinemas from 30 September, Lyutsifer Safin has unleashed the imagination of fans of the 007 saga. The disfigured face, the references to Japanese culture (above all the mask of the Nō theater) have led to think of a new version of Dr. No , Bond’s most famous opponent, who faces Sean Connery in the first movie of the franchise, Agent 007 – License to Kill.

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No Time to Die: An image from the trailer

The Oscar winner Rami Malek, who plays him, hasn’t missed anything in recent years: to know more about his past you have to go to the cinema. But one thing is clear: he is an enemy to be feared, also because he is always one step ahead of everyone. His fate is linked to that of Madeleine Swann (Leà Seydoux), true love of Bond played by Daniel Craig, who with No Time to Die says goodbye to 007.

We talked about Lyutsifer Safin and her relationship with James Bond with the actor Rami Malek, who thanks to the shooting of Bohemian Rhapsody and No Time to Die fell in love with London, which has become his second home.

The video interview with Rami Malek

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No Time to Die: Rami Malek is the villain Lyutsifer Safin

No Time To Die

No Time to Die poster

In this film, you play a villain, but a villain can be the hero of his story. In your opinion, what makes a villain such?

I’ve spent over a year trying to figure it out! And then I decided to stop asking myself. I don’t think Safian is a character who thinks of himself as a hero or a villain – he’s more pragmatic. He has one obsession: how can I inflict as much harshness and brutality as possible on Bond and achieve my goals in the process? Hero or villain is irrelevant to him.

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No Time To Die: Daniel Craig in a scene from the film

Do you know the Noh theater? The Japanese theater? What can you tell me about that Noh mask?


The director, Cary Fukunaga, has Japanese origins. So I think that’s one of his sources of inspiration. He inserted her into the film in several ways. As for Safin, we wanted to make it a puzzle. We came up with the idea of ​​balancing Eastern philosophy with Western philosophy. So we paired that mask with the costumes and put it all together.

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No Time to Die: Rami Malek kissed James Bond

Can you tell me if we will at least see a funeral, a wedding or a baby shower?

Maybe in that movie with Julia Roberts, what’s her name? In which they are all. No. I’m not in this, no.

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No Time To Die: Rami Malek in a close-up

You said you kissed James Bond. What was it like kissing James Bond? Better than trying to kill him?

It was fun. It’s nice to be able to have a moment of lightness in the midst of the chaos of the shoot. Sometimes a moment like that makes everyone relax. It was great to be able to collaborate like that. There is usually not enough time to rehearse off-set to try and reimagine the original scene, going back to the root. Often we have to rewind them, but if we had spent a little more time fixing all that day, we would have saved everyone time and energy.

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Rami Malek: an American in London

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No Time To Die: Rami Malek during a scene from the film

You played Freddie Mercury, now you are in the Bond saga: you have become an English icon, but you are American. How did you do it?

I do not know. I fell in love with England. I spent a lot of time here preparing Bohemian Rhapsody: that’s when I started falling in love with London. Since then I have been back and forth several times for meetings, we shot the film here and then I stayed. And then we shot Bond. It has become my second home and maybe one day it will be my first. I like the proximity to Italy, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily. All.


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