No vax teachers at school? The principals protest: “We will pay them not to work”

The novelty introduced by the latest Covid decree, which allows No Vax professors to return to school, but only for “school support activists” and non-didactic ones, has sparked discontent and controversy among school staff. “There is a desire to normalize the situation of those who have not been vaccinated; he is paid his salary for not working, giving substantially non-existent tasks », commented Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Headmasters (NPC). According to the decree, from April 1st, the educational staff who decide to avoid the vaccination obligation will be able to return to school but without coming into contact with the students. In practice, a situation “very difficult, at school, to establish which tasks are not in contact with the children”, observes Giannelli, “the same secretarial employees and janitors come into contact with the students”.

Former minister Lucia Azzolina also had her say on the provision, arguing that the indications contained in the decree do not have “objectively any logic”, as “it is not clear” which task the professors who have been denied access should perform to classes. «Will they go to the library where, anyway, they will be in contact with other teachers and students? Will they go to the secretariat? To do what? », Asks Azzolina, adding as« unvaccinated teachers – there are about 30,000 – end up in limbo ». A measure of which you therefore denounce “the absurdity”, and which moreover will be financed “with money from the fund which should serve to increase the salary of teachers.” The former education minister concluded with the hope that “this mess will be corrected.”

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