No, Zendaya has no intention of returning to music (at the moment)

Perhaps for many the fact of listening to Zendaya sing a composition Labrinth in the last episode of the second season of euphoria It was a surprise, but the truth is that the actress began in the world of music almost before acting. The well-traced path of the star in recent years has made the public almost forget that, in reality, Zendaya began her career in show business in the Disney Channel series Shake it Up! It was at that time that he recorded a couple of singles that took advantage of his growing popularity and in 2013 he recorded a long-playing album that few remember. It would not be until 2018 when she would have a peak of fame again thanks to her voice for the songs of The Greatest Showman.

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Four years later it has been time to collaborate with Labrinth. Both the composition of the song and the interpretation of Elliot’s Song It has been shared fifty percent between the two. “I gave up music a while ago for a number of reasons, but I still love it. The love and support that I have received in the last few days just for having made a small foray into music means the world to me, ”Zendaya wrote on her Twitter account after the closing song of the second season of euphoria became one of the hot topics in the social network.

I’m Tired Y All of Us were two other songs that he also performed in other chapters of euphoria. The actress has no plans to return to music beyond these small interventions. her role in Shake it Up! took her to sing with companions like Bella Thorne and taking advantage of his peak of fame among the younger audience, he dared to release an album that bore his own name as the title. The artist has referred to the possibility of singing again in more than one interview. And no, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. In a 2019 conversation she mentioned the draconian nature of the contracts she had had to sign in the recording world and just two years later, in space. yep of the actress Issa Raerecognized that he preferred the anonymity that the interpretation granted against the continuous exposure that becoming a star of the song meant.

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