Nobel Prize in Medicine spoke on biotechnology in BioHabana

As part of his speech by videoconference at the Agricultural Biotechnology Symposium, held during the BioHabana 2022 International Congress, the scientist explained how the use of genetic engineering in food production would alleviate the situation of 800 million individuals, especially in Africa .

The professor warned about the need to stop the campaigns that seek to demonize these products because, as he alleged, there is no scientific evidence that they are harmful to human health. Bioengineering can be used to improve crop yields, he said, while urging politicians to listen to scientists about the advantages of a technology capable of multiplying agricultural yields and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. carbon.

According to the British molecular biologist and biochemist, in the 1990s, the introduction of GMOs saved papaya crops in Hawaii, which were attacked by the ringspot virus.

Currently, he noted, 77 percent of this planting in the region is the result of the use of genetic engineering and its fruits are consumed in the United States.

Also as part of the event, the participants were updated on Cuba’s advances in agricultural biotechnology.

Mario Estrada, director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, said that the institution works on several projects and mentioned the genetic improvement of corn, soybeans, sugar cane and bean varieties.

He also referred to the work being done to improve the defenses of citrus plants, in the production of a bionematicide, that is, a pesticide used against parasites that cause havoc in crops, and in obtaining industrial enzymes.

Vaccines against animal diseases deserve special mention, including Gavac for cattle, Porvac, designed to combat the swine fever virus, and Cunvac, to combat rabbit hemorrhagic disease.

The BioHabana 2022 Congress, which is in session from last Monday to Friday the 29th, brings together delegates and guests from 51 countries at the Havana Convention Center.

At the meeting, 10 fundamental topics are discussed, among which medical technology and industry 4.0, chronic inflammation, cancer and autoimmunity, agricultural biotechnology and brain diseases stand out.


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