Nobody paid, so the hacker who broke the SIAE published all the data

More than two months have passed since October 20, 2021, the day on which the hackers of the Everest team they asked SIAE for a ransom not to publish the data that had been stolen in an attack on the administration’s servers in the previous months.

SIAE punctured: 60 GB of stolen data. The company: “We will not pay any ransom”

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SIAE, he had specified, had no intention of paying to get the data back, and the hacker was unable to obtain any offer for the data which, we recall, they also include documents and particulars of many well-known personalities, including IBANs and other sensitive details.

In recent months, the hacker has lowered the economic requests several times, and at one point he even asked for a spontaneous donation of 50,000 euros to a non-profit association chosen directly by the donor to avoid the publication of data that, in any case, would have violated the privacy of thousands of Italians.

Nobody accepted even the latest offer, the one that would not have brought a single euro into the pockets of the hacker, and so the data was made public.

In the 60 GB of “compressed” files, there are hundreds of GB uncompressed, there are hundreds of thousands of administrative documents with personal data of the associates.

From the request for registration to the scores of the works, from requests for bank changes with IBAN, documents and signatures to payments. There are also decidedly “sensitive” and private data, like all invalidity requests accompanied by medical documents: since these data belong to people from the entertainment world, some of them even famous, the question is very serious.

SIAE, we recall, through the mouth of its general manager Gaetano Blandini had said that “Fortunately, there would seem to be no economic data or even those relating to banking iban, only personal data, such as identity cards, social security numbers, and data of many of our employees“.

The bank details are there, and there are also medical data.

What is not there, and probably SIAE when it minimized in October was quite sure that of this, are the files with the authors’ fees and all the economic part on which the castle is based. If there had been all the files relating to the remuneration of the authors, the breakdowns and data on private copying perhaps, but we cannot be sure, someone would have also made a donation to a non-profit institution in order to avoid the publication of those that would have been “inconvenient” data.

It remains to be understood now how this matter will end: that the SIAE was punctured made the news in October, but since that day everyone has forgotten about the matter. We hope that the Privacy Guarantor has not forgotten: how it could have happened we still do not know, but since yesterday over 100,000 documents with sensitive and private data of Italian citizens are available to everyone. In the classic general indifference.

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