Nobody wanted to publish Vampire Survivors on mobile: Respecting its players almost cost one of the best iOS and Android games its existence – Vampire Survivors

Although it wasn’t available on mobile in time to compete at the Game Awards, Vampire Survivors It is the best game released last year on iOS and Android. A proposal as entertaining as the one it offers us on the rest of the platforms that came in a beautiful package. We can play downloading it for free and without anything interrupting us. We can barely choose to watch an ad to revive after our first death in the ‘run’ and another to multiply by 1.2 the gold earned when dying permanently. The problem is that being too nice to the consumer almost loads the phone version forever smart.

Vampire Survivors creator talks about the mobile version

In a recent blog that reviews the goals achieved by Vampire Survivors over the past year and the expectations for 2023, the developers explained some problems they had to face to carry out the launch on smartphones. We could summarize it as no one wanted to help them because it was a game that put players far above monetization. However, it is better that you see for yourself…

“Very soon after the initial success of Vampire Survivors, I began looking for a partner to work on a mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, no one agreed with the monetization I had in mind for the game: non-predatory.”

This problem, however, was not the only one they had to face. Given the success of the game in its original release, blatant copies appeared. It was not only a replica of the format, but also a Blatant plagiarisms that included stolen code and assets. This put the development team in a very bad position.

“Months went by (after not finding a partner) and lots of clones started popping up everywhere. They weren’t ‘games like Vampire Survivors’, but 1:1 copies with stolen code, progression, resources or data. This forced us to release the mobile version as soon as possible, putting a lot of stress on a development team that wasn’t even supposed to care about a mobile version. That is why there are still a lot of tools that we have not been able to implement or polish, such as cloud saves or game transfer.

Vampire Survivors Mobile

This is what Vampire Survivors looks like on mobile

Vampire Survivors was able to survive all the problems, getting good ratings and a large number of downloads in the iOS and Android app stores. A goal of which the developers are particularly proud, since they did not carry out ‘dirty’ practices so common in this market. In fact, and although some improvements in this version will take time to arrive, hopefully the DLC with new characters and settings will be available soon. “We still don’t know how to make it fair yet accessible to players who only play free stuff. We’ll come up with something and we’ll post the DLC as soon as possible.”.

We can argue whether Vampire Survivors is the best mobile game released last year, because there have been a couple of great contenders. However, It makes you think that nobody wanted to publish it and that the usual bad practices on the platform have made everything depend on the insistence of its creators.

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