Nocera Inferiore gynecologist gives birth to seven women while positive for Covid: investigated

A gynecologist at the Umberto I hospital in Nocera Inferiore is under investigation: he would have given birth to seven women despite being positive for Covid-19.

He delivered seven women, giving birth to their children as one would expect a gynecologist to do. And yet the doctor, a professional on duty at the Umberto I hospital in Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno, in all seven cases should not have been in the delivery room as he was positive for Covid-19. For this reason, now the doctor, as reported by the online newspaper “Salernotoday”, is under investigation: according to the investigations conducted by the local police station, the professional is accused of having violated a royal decree of 1934 concerning the protection of health.

The story dates back to November 2020

The story, of which all the details are not known and for which the investigations are not yet concluded, dates back to the second wave of the pandemic, in November 2020. At that time the doctor, as evidenced by a certificate, was absent due to illness as positive for Coronavirus. But in the same days, as reported by the same women in childbirth heard by the investigators, the gynecologist would have assisted them and gave birth.

What the gynecologist risks

None of the women have been infected with the virus and both they and their babies are fine. But the gynecologist, who was the trusted doctor of all seven women and had followed them throughout their pregnancy, is now in danger of getting into trouble. The article of the royal decree that the carabinieri and the deputy prosecutor Roberto Lenza accuse him of having violated – Article 260 of the Consolidated Law on health laws, then integrated and updated by the anti-Covid legislation in March 2020, punishes “anyone does not observe an order legally given to prevent the invasion or spread of an infectious human disease “with” arrest from 3 months to 18 months and with a fine of between 500 and 5,000 euro “.

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