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In the last weeks, Christian NodalMexican regional music singer, has been in the ‘eye of the storm’ because various controversies, same that have not finished, because during an interview the artist criticized the music that Bad Bunny makes, one of the most successful reggaeton singers of the moment.

Nodal’s interview in Rolling Stone

In the talk you had Nodal with the magazine rolling stone the interpreter of songs like ‘From the kisses I gave you’ gave his opinion on the different musical genres and how is its consumption and its creation.

music is magic. And if you realize, everything is a cycle. Music is always a cycle because suddenly regional comes back, suddenly pop comes back, reggaeton is a clear example of what happens, right? What if, I think it is very nice to maintain culturesalways maintain our essence, our roots. The regional is a theme, it is a very beautiful genre that has incredible lyricsmelodies,” he mentioned.

Belinda’s ex continued with his position and that was where sand launched against the music that the Bad Rabbit createsWell, he even quoted a couple of lines from the song.Safaera’.

What did Christian Nodal say about Bad Bunny?

“I also I respect all gendersbut sometimes I do know that even to sing assholes and say stupid things you have to have talent. It would never have occurred to me to write something like, ‘If your boyfriend doesn’t suck your ass, why don’t suck’, but you have to have talent to do it“, he commented.

‘Music that has no content is valued much more’

Likewise, Nodal took the opportunity to lament that the music he considers to be “has no content” or does not have a “positive message” be valued more than other musical content.

I wouldn’t feel proud singing other things and for this this culture has to continue, because it is the beauty of life. Sure, brands, singing about drugs, singing about clothes, it’s fine, but that’s not what life is about. Not all the time you can live partying. I really like the message that my gender gives, it is very attached to reality. It’s a very kind genre,” he said.

“It’s not that you want those people to do badly, it’s just raise awareness, because to speak clearly, there is music for everything… even to make music and lyrics for raye, well you have to have talent. But my problem is because that which has no content, which does not have a positive message in your life, is much more valued. And they have the reflectors, the spotlights and the attention that people who do compose, who do sing, who have dedicated time should have, “he added.

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