Nodal sends a STRONG message to Gussy Lau, alleged boyfriend of Ángela Aguilar | VIDEO

One more time, Christian Nodal became a topic of conversation in the world of entertainment after sending a strong message to the composer, Gussy Lauwho a few months ago was romantically linked to Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Ángela Aguilar.

In a video broadcast on his Instagram account, the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” and “I live in six” spoke about the relationship he had with the alleged boyfriend of La Princesa del Regional Mexicano, unleashing endless rumors.

Nodal sends a message to Angela Aguilar’s boyfriend

The expert on entertainment issues known as “Chamonix” shared a video in which Christian Nodal he is talking about the problems he had with a label and the obstacles he faced when making the decision to part ways with them.

Seconds later, the new idol of the Mexican regional genre clarified the controversy with the Grammy awardsensuring that the talent behind musical successes is often not recognized.

It was at that moment when he remembered the work he has done Gussy Lau as a composer of great songs of the Mexican regional; however they have had their friction for some melodies.

Without saving anything, the regional Mexican interpreter said that in the song “Of the kisses that I gave you” he collaborated with some details of the melody, so he asked for a “part”, but they did not agree.

“Gussy Lau is a great composer. But in the song “They didn’t tell you wrong” he didn’t do anything and stopped at the Grammys. Then in “De los besos que te di” I told him it was a good song, I accommodated him a little I told him give me part of that song, I put a heart into it and they got suckers, “said the singer.

In the last weeks, Christian Nodal He has captured the attention of the entertainment world due to the controversial statements he has launched against Belinda and her ex-mother-in-law, after their sentimental break confirmed last February.


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