Nodal’s new girlfriend? She is Mariana Ríos, the blonde who would have an affair with the singer

Before February 14, the Day of Love and Friendship, arrived, Christian Nodal announced the breakup of his relationship with Belinda, after they were seen very happy and even with wedding plans; he gave her a now controversial engagement ring worth 3 million dollars in Barcelona.

Since then, the event has gone viral in the spaces of the pink press and social networks, where many reasons were discussed for which they had separated, including the alleged excesses and infidelity of the singer, as well as the alleged fraud and interest of the actress for the assets of her ex-partner.

However, despite the fact that little time has passed since their thunder, both seem to have dried their tears and resumed their respective careers. The interpreter of “Love at first sight” and “Light without gravity” he went to Spain to participate in some projects, such as the series “Welcome to Eden” on Netflix. For your part Nodal still working (albeit with some problems) on the music.

It should be noted that the interpreter of “Bottle After Bottle” He was captured a few days ago accompanied by a mysterious woman during a dinner in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Since then the speculations did not wait and only the media “Wake up America” managed to ask him about her to which he replied that it is not a new love, but “when the river sounds…”.

Who is Christian Nodal’s “new girlfriend”?

This woman with straight blonde hair is Mariana Ríos, a beautiful Colombian who has an account on a page similar to the popular OnlyFans, where she sells exclusive photos and videos.

Because his identity was discovered, he had to make his Instagram account private; However, this was not enough for everyone to realize that she enjoys great beauty and a sculptural body.

For the reasons mentioned in advance, it is speculated that she may have been “guilty” that Christian Nodal has canceled his presentation in Colombia. However, he explained that it was due to problems at the Toluca airport and then in Los Angeles.

Will the singer announce a new romance or is she just a friend?

(Photo: Instagram @marianab.rios98)


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