Noelia and her husband suffered an attempted poisoning, the FBI investigates

After last April 18, Noelia shared on her social networks that her husband Jorge Reynoso was hospitalized after being revived in an ambulance from fertilizer poisoning by biting into a appleAs Pati Chapoy talked in ‘Ventaneando’ when he spoke with Noelia about it, the businessman also gave more details of what happened.

A few days after this event, Jorge Reynoso opened up to Gustavo Adolfo Infante and denounced that they wanted to poison themas it revealed that she also had to be treated by a doctor just for being in contact with contaminated food.

“Noelia received in the afternoon… normally we received some attention from the hotel management, now that we’re in Los Angeles we’re staying at the Beverly Hilton and suddenly someone knocks on the suite and received a plate of fruitand we said, ‘well, it had to have been sent by the manager, the general manager who knows us’ but I didn’t bring a cardbegan to count.

And continued, “In the afternoon, late at night, Noelia asks for some chicken strips, arranges the fruit and decides not to eat the pear at that moment and heand my hands start to burn, I told her ‘how strange, then wash your hands’. The food arrives he doesn’t wash his hands and at that moment he grabs the strip, he starts to eat it, and after 8, 10 minutes, he starts to feel horrible, later he felt better, we gave him everything, even the hotel doctor came”.

On the reasons, Jorge commented, This was not for me, it is not about Jorge Reynoso, it was for one or both. Us we are now in a very critical stage in one of the companies or the social platforms, the sale of Twitter came, etc, we are a company that owns a social platform social code we are not an application, our technology company is very important”.

They tried to poison Noelia and her husband, the police investigate

Finally, Noelia’s husband confirmed that police is already investigating what happened, “Noelia is considered here as a high-risk person for the government…here in the United States there are people who are American citizens who are high-profile, andSo the federal government has certain extra care for care. Noelia is not only a singer, we are entrepreneurs, we are people who generate many jobs here and (so the FBI is investigating the case)”he concluded.

They tried to poison Noelia and her husband, the police investigate

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